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What are the benefits of drinking Health Lab Protein Drinks?
We know you babes are busy, so we wanted to create a healthy and convenient on-the-go rich in protein. The drinks provide a guilt-free snack that helps you stay fuller for longer, fight sugar cravings and boost energy levels. They are designed to fit into your lifestyle, so whether you need breakfast on the run, a post gym recovery drink, or a guilt-free afternoon craving kicker, we have a drink option for you! They really are the best new option available for busy babes that want to get more out of themselves and each day.

What drink is best for me? 
Our new drinks come in 3 crazy delicious flavours to satisfy babes everywhere. Craving Kicker Choc is the perfect afternoon snack to help give you the energy to get through the day and stay away from the cookie jar. Revive Me Coffee was made for you babes on-the-run in the morning who want a more filling and nutritious substitute for their latte. Not to mention with the warmer weather rolling in, chilled is a winner! Balance Strawberry with keep all our sweet toothed babes happy at any time of the day or night!

I've never been a fan of ready made protein drinks, what's different about these?  We are proud to launch a protein drink range that is specifically designed for women and their unique needs! We know women don't need another super sized, sugar loaded, ridiculously high in protein drink. So we've created a drink range that is low carb with a generous protein level, added vitamins and no refined sugars in a 250ml serving size. Plus it doesn't hurt that they are in uber cute packaging!

Why protein? So many babes avoid protein believing it will make them bulky! When in fact, protein really is our BFF - helping manage and reduce hunger levels, create lean muscles, enhance natural fat burning, help prevent sugar cravings and even helps you manage and cope with stress. It really should be a part of every women's daily routine.

What protein do you use in the drinks? We use a natural Whey protein that is low in carbohydrates, high in protein and doesn't contain any additives or sweeteners. 

Why do you use full fat milk instead of skim? We wanted to create a product as natural as possible and didn't want to have milk that had any added sugars. Plus the full fat version of milk means you absorb more of the 'good stuff' such as vitamins and also means you are more full after consuming it - again aiding to reduce hunger levels and sugar cravings. 

How are the drinks best consumed? We recommend chilling the drinks first and then shaking well before enjoying!

Can I buy the protein drinks in the Health Lab online store? Sorry babes, at this stage you can only purchase our protein drinks in retailers. Discover them here...