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I’m a Melbourne based babe that started with a desire to escape the 9-5, high stress and climbing the oh-so-endless corporate ladder! I started with a laptop, dream and lots of passion. I’m a babe full of non-conventional ideas, energy, heart and a whole lot of hustle! I believe to succeed in business you must bring your whole self to the table and that’s exactly what I’ve done with Health Lab. 

I believe every good idea starts with a problem. Mine was simple: I was so busy and stressed, and all I wanted was actually healthy snacks (not filled with sugar and numbers) that helped me get through those afternoon sugar cravings - but I couldn't find them anywhere. Health Lab was founded because I saw a gap for nourishing and healthy snacks that were conveniently delivered straight to busy women. Healthy snacks that helped them remain productive and energised to tackle the world. 

For me, Health Lab isn't just about our amazing products. I am passionate about creating a brand community with other like-minded women and sharing what tricks in business, babies and life myself and other babes have learnt along the way!

I am creating a brand that stands for much more than simply healthy food and want to inspire and empower other #babes out there to challenge the status quo, take risks, connect, network, create their own definition of success and kick ass. 

Jess x

Founder and Creative Director

Discover more about Jess here.