From product info to delivery, our FAQ's will put your curious minds at ease.

Product Information 

Are your products made in Australia? +

Yes, every single Health Lab product is proudly made locally in Victoria, Australia from nothing but pure, plant-based ingredients.

Why aren't all your ingredients sourced in Australia? +

We go to great lengths to source local Aussie ingredients, however due to seasonal availability and the challenge of finding commercial quantities locally we often need to source ingredients overseas. When sourcing ingredients overseas we only use reputable suppliers, who have a track record for quality manufacturing practices. We also try to source from countries where the ingredient is natively grown. We do source all of our packaging from Australia and proudly make all the products in Australia.

Do all your balls need to be refrigerated? +

Only our Plant-Based Dessert range are best kept in the fridge. Don't forget to take them out 10 minutes before you devour for the ultimate experience. The rest of our products are best kept below 18 degrees – especially our chocolate coated products. Our delicate chocolate has a very low melting point, so your chocolate will become soft if it gets hot. But if you do happen to *luckily* live in more warm or humid parts of Oz, the safest place will be to store the balls in your fridge – especially our chocolate coated ones!

Help! I think there is some oil on the outside of my balls! +

As we use natural nut-butters free from any preservatives or hardening fats such as Palm Oil, some natural oil separation of the nut-butter may occur in our products - similar to how the oil separates in jars of natural nut butters! During the nut-butter making process, these "good" oils are separated from the nuts during the crushing process.This natural oil is simply a sign that our products contain nothing but super pure and natural ingredients. So go on, have a bite...

I think there is some "whitening" happening to my chocolate, is this ok to eat? +

While we always try our very best to perfect our products, our delicate dark chocolate can be heat-sensitive. During transportation some natural imperfections may appear in the chocolate coating including; cracking, discolouration (whiteness), melting or dullness. So it might not look as pretty, but will still taste amazing!

Hmmm, I don't think my ball tastes like it usually does? +

We pride ourselves on giving you the most amazing experience and take all issues relating to quality and experience very seriously. If your purchased a product that doesn’t taste right, or tastes different to how it usually does, please email us at with the name of the product, the retail store it was purchased from, as well as a picture of the best before date and/or issue. Our quality team will use this information to investigate further and ensure we resolve the issue in the best possible way for you.

Are your products Halal? +

Our products are Halal suitable but they are currently not Halal certified. This is a certification we will be looking to get done in 2021.

Are your products vegan? +

All of our new products are plant-based and vegan-friendly.

Are your products organic? +

We try to use organic ingredients where possible. Refer to the back of your packaging to see which ingredients are listed as organic.

Can you send me some samples? +

We don't send samples however we often partner with businesses on Instagram and offer giveaways. Give us a follow to stay posted @healthlab.

Health Lab Kids

What makes your 100’s and 1000’s different? +

We have removed ALL artificial colours, flavours, palm oil and animal-based colours found in most 100s and 1000s on the market, because we like to keep it all-natural. Phew! All our ingredients REAL and you’ll never find numbers or gibberish in our ingredient lists… because our kids eat these too!

Do your products contain dairy? +

The Health Lab Kids range is 100% plant-based. However, they do share a facility with dairy based ingredients and therefore, not safe for consumption by anyone who has dairy allergies. 

Are there any gluten free products? +

The entire Health Lab brand, including our Kids range is 100% gluten free.

My child has a nut allergy, can I still buy these? +

The Health Lab Kids range is not recommended for those with nut allergies as they share a manufacturing facility with nut based ingredients. Therefore, they are not safe for consumption for those with nut allergies or intolerances.

My child is under 3 years of age, can they still eat these? +

As always, we recommend that your little ones are supervised when consuming any of our products.

Are the products vegan-friendly? +

Yes! Absolutely! Without question. The entire Health Lab and Health Lab Kids ranges are 100% vegan friendly. If you’re grabbing a plant-based snack for yourself, you can now do the same for your little ones!

Where are your products made? +

We like to keep it local so all of our products are proudly manufactured right here in Australia.

I’ve just opened the box and there is a plastic-like bag - Is this recyclable? +

We’re so glad you asked! We have teamed up with NatureFlex™ Next Generation Packaging to create a ”plastic-like film” which is actually compostable, derived from renewable sources and suitable for your home compost or green waste bin. Cool, huh?

Do you use compound chocolate? +

Absolutely not! We use only REAL chocolate.

What does that mean? Real chocolate is made entirely from cocoa butter whereas compound chocolate uses vegetable fats, such as palm kernel, soy or coconut oils in place of cocoa butter.

Where can I buy your Health Lab Kids products? +

You can get your hands on the Health Lab Kids range in the health food aisle at Woolworths (with the lunchbox snacks) and all good independent grocers.

Why are some of your ingredients imported? +

We know you love buying local, and we do too. However, due to seasonal availability and the difficulty of sourcing commercial quantities of particular ingredients, we often need to source ingredients from overseas.

Why does your packaging say ‘may contain’? +

Great question, genius even!

Some of our packaging states that particular products ‘may contain’ allergens (eg nuts, dairy). Does that mean there are nuts and dairy in our recipe? Nope. However, it does mean that due to the environment of our manufacturing facilities, there could be cross contamination between the making of each product.

Despite a thorough cleaning process, we cannot 100% guarantee there are no traces of the ‘may contain’ allergens listed.

The product I’ve purchased just isn’t quite right, what now? +

Ahh shucks! Sorry to hear.

Write to us with photo evidence of the issue and we will do our best to help you out.


Is your packaging recyclable? +

We work with amazing Australian packaging companies. Our wrappers (yes, even the foiled ones) and boxes can be recycled. We're always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint!

Do your products contain Palm Oil? +

No way Josè! We don't support any monkey business here at Health Lab and all of our products are free from Palm Oil.


Help, I can’t find you in my local store… +

You can find us in Woolworths (Health Aisle), Coles (Health Aisle & Chilled Grab-n-Go). We're also stocked in a number of independent stores so keep an eye out!

I can't find my favourite products anymore? +

Whilst we are super proud of all of our products, we've been busy-bees creating new products and have decided to place into retirement some of our oldie's to make way for bigger and better things! We promise you'll love them just as much. See our shop page for our current collections.

Do you wholesale your products? +

We sure do! We’d love to have you on board. We’re proud to be stocked at some of the best health food shops, cafes, delis, hotels, department stores, supermarkets and food purveyors around the world. Send us your details via our contact page and our team will be in contact as soon as possible.


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