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NEW Guilt-Free Protein Drink Range for Women!

Health Lab is all about simply giving women what they want! They are doing just that with a new guilt-free Protein Smoothie Range designed specifically for Women.

From the ‘Babes’ that brought you ‘Balls’, Health Lab proves that convenience doesn’t have to mean compromise with their new on-the-go protein range.

Health Lab is set to shake things up in a market that has been dominated by ‘gym junkie’ centric and masculine brands pumping up the ‘muscle’, calories and sugar content.

The new guilt-free protein smoothies are almost too good to be true and are designed to meet female consumers demands all are; high protein, low carb, have no refined sugars and are low calorie. Plus they taste absolutely delicious in three satisfying flavours; chocolate, coffee and strawberry.

The new, high protein range is perfect for the warmer weather approaching, helping women fight sugar cravings, boost their metabolism and have a savvier snack in-between meals and after work outs.

Launching at the end of September, the new guilt-free range is perfect fuel for busy babes!


Size: 250ml

RRP: $4.95

For more product information, images or to request samples, please contact: Emma on pr@healthlab.com.au




A guilt-free, delicious, high protein smoothie on-the-go to help manage hunger levels and fight those sugar cravings!


A guilt-free, high protein smoothie on-the-go to help give you a boost so you are revived and ready to tackle anything the day throws at you. Enjoy as a nourishing breakfast or snack option.


A guilt-free, replenishing protein smoothie to enjoy before or after your sweat session, that doesn't undo any of your hard work! Designed to help maximise body benefits from your workout and help manage sugar cravings!