Aussie borne & Female-founded…

Realising there was a huge gap in the market for wellness snacks catering to women, Jess Thomas, Founder of Health Lab quit her corporate career, sold her Toyota Corolla for $5k in kick-starter funds and started hand-rolling protein balls from her home kitchen. Health Lab went from 100 hand-rolled balls a week, to over 2000 a day within a matter of months. When Jess and her army of ‘ballers’ could no longer keep up with demand, she thought that maybe she just might be onto something...


Helping real women champion wellness & self-care, every-day. Whilst the concept of self-care is great, the reality is it can be impossibly hard to build it into our already hectic and full worlds. And the stats are showing us that over 90%* of women are experiencing burnout in some form. We understand how easy it is to put yourself last on the to-do list, and we’re doing our part to change that. Wellness is how we treat ourselves, every single day. We wanted a practical way to help women build wellness into their everyday lives. Health Lab balls are exactly that; an instant (and delicious) way to level-up your self-care and help you feel and be your best.


We’re wellness minus the silly claims, stress, complexity and guilt. We wanted to make healthy snacking as practical, effective, trustworthy and fun as possible. Our worry-free wellness philosophy that starts with our ingredients with integrity; ingredients you can actually recognise and trust. Transparency is something that underpins our entire business from our sustainable packaging, plant-based options and responsibly sourced ingredients. Every little step counts.


We make clever, multi-tasking wellness balls supercharged with benefits that help women feel their best. We’ve pioneered leading wellness ingredients such as marine collagen, vegan probiotics and organic hemp that have body, belly, beauty and energy benefits. We’re proof that you don’t need to compromise and you can have an all-in-one health snack that’s natural, functional and importantly delicious.