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Hi! We're Health Lab.
We're a female-founded, Australian wellness brand for women.  

Born in Australia.
In 2015, our Founder Jess was tired of her 3pm afternoon sugar cravings and trying to navigate the “healthy” snacks that were available with their complicated ingredients lists, artificial nasties, silly claims and cardboard-like taste. All she wanted was uncomplicated, clever and satisfying snacks that helped her to thrive. Jess quit her corporate job, sold her car for cash and started hand rolling protein balls in her home kitchen. Let’s just say she hasn’t looked back since.

Our Founder.
Jess is a ballsy-preneur, manifestation junkie and founder of Health Lab, a female wellness snack brand that started in a home kitchen. Health Lab has now grown to over 8000 global retailers and a multi-million-dollar business in under four years. Now also a Mama to two, Jess is passionate about inspiring other women and mums to take a more ‘ballsy’ approach to create the businesses, lives and careers they’ve always dreamed of.

Fuelling women to live remarkably.
We are passionate about creating a community of #babeswithballs; empowered women who are living abundant and fulfilling lives on their terms.   

Uncomplicated wellness.
We're wellness minus the silly claims, confusion, stress and guilt.  

All of our balls with benefits are crammed with effective and multi-tasking ingredients that have a bucket-load of benefits.