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We are a brand run by women and inspired by #babeswithballs - women who are fierce, courageous, leaders, ambitious, entrepreneurs that aren't afraid to stand out, challenge boundaries, dream big and aim high. We want to encourage our #babes to challenge the status quo, take risks, connect, network, create their own definition of success and kick ass! And of course have some fun along the way.

We envision a world where all babes are confident and empowered, emotionally and financially free to live their life to the fullest!

Our mission is to help our babes reach their full potential and believe you can’t take over the world unless you have the right fuel.

While we don't believe in diets, deprivation, calorie counting or guilt, we do believe in creating clean, nourishing, natural products that give you babes the balls to power through your day!

We have a NO BULLSHIT policy, honesty starts with our team and ends with our products…so no nasties & no false promises. We’re all about telling it like it is.

The Health Lab Team x x