Guest interview by: Hannah Tiziani. 

As a self-confessed cheese enthusiast and wine lover, Jade from Platter Co creates visually appealing (and equally as delicious!) platters for events of all sizes. Taking her passion and turning it into a successful business has taken lots of hard work and dedication. We chat all things business and food.

What inspired you to get started in the platter making business?

Momentum! I did a large table for a friends 40th, and within 48hrs I had an ABN, website, social accounts and a business name. I held on to it, and just went where the momentum took me, still am!

What did your career look like before starting Platter Co?

I was working in wholesale sales for an apparel brand

Talk us through a normal workday at Platter Co:

Coffee. Maybe another coffee. Collecting my fresh breads, and fruits for the days jobs. And some fresh foliage. Potentially putting together and delivering a gift box or two to a lucky recipient. Then heading to someone’s house or venue to set-up for their event.

Then I stand back and wait to see who is the first person to cut into the whole wheel of Brie haha!

…and then come home a finish with a wine or G&T. That’s a good day right there.

Starting your own business can be quite challenging, what are a few things you wish you knew before starting?

All of the reasons why you should not be afraid to outsource, if you can possibly afford to, and sometimes even when you think you can’t. Your time needs to be spent within the business doing what you do best, and bringing in the professionals to help.

What’s your absolute favourite thing about your job?

Isn’t it obvious?? CHEESE! I love it. I love trying it myself, and I love seeing other people try it. I do not call myself an expert, but an enthusiast. Because I have SO much to learn, and there is SO many cheeses out there waiting for me 

You’ve created platters for events of all shapes and sizes, from Friday afternoon drinks to weddings, what’s been a stand out event/platter for you?

Cotton On Group Christmas party last year, that was a big one!  Over 16kgs of cheese in one set-up. Even for me, that’s A LOT of cheese.

What’s the key to making the ultimate platter?

You feast with your eyes. If its looks good, its going to taste good.

2017 was a big year for Platter Co, have you started 2018 with any business goals?

For sure. But…most of the good ones are still under wraps haha!

The big one is that I’ll be moving the business out of my home, and in to a new premises very soon. That is itself is going to allow me to grow further, and working more effectively.

(And get my house back!!)

Lastly, what’s the number one piece of business advice you’d give?

Just go with it… Sometimes the best ideas just organically happen, and they work because it right.

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