There are not many things more inspiring or motivating than women who turn their passion into their career and that is exactly what fit and fab Melbournite babe Eli Censor has done with KX & Nutrition Bar. 

Nutrition Bar are long-time lovers of Health Lab and have been rolling our balls out their doors for the past two years! [Image via @sunday.wanderer]

Pilates and healthy fast food options (like our balls baby!) are two phenomenons that have absolutely taken off in Melbourne and all around Aus in recent years and Eli had the foresight to get on top of both of them. We chatted to her about how someone so busy manages stay fit, happy, healthy and sane!
Describe your typical day in 5 words…
Meditate, Exercise, Food, People, Sleep
What inspired you to move into the health & fitness space?
After overcoming my own weight loss battle and making huge lifestyle changes I wanted to help other people reach their health and fitness goals. It was my passion and managed to make it my career.
Tell us a little bit about how you a became business owner with Nutrition Bar & KX?
I was a self employed Personal Trainer for 5 years before deciding I needed more hours. I found a Pilates studio called KX was opening in Port Melbourne and needed trainers. I got the job, within 3 months partnered with the founder of KX and opened my first studio in Richmond. I now have 6 KX locations and have founded my own concept called KX Cycle.
Nutrition Bar was a natural progression, an extension of my fitness business. My Mum and I created Nutrition Bar to service busy people, on the go and wanting to stay healthy. Nutrition Bar is my dream store, somewhere you can drop into while you’re out and about and grab a smoothie or salad close to what I would cook for myself at home.
As busy woman juggling two businesses give us your top tips for maintaining a healthy work/life balance…
I did a Transcendental Meditation course about 3 years ago which changed my life. I practice twice daily. I do 1-2 hours of exercise first thing to make sure I get some ‘me time’ before the day starts. I tend to have a natural gauge which subconscious tells me to be alone after working or being around people. I need to regather myself throughout the day between expending energy with people. Without these small reset periods I go into information overload and start to get run down.


If you could choose anyone to be your career mentor who would it be and why?
Any successful self made female business woman. Someone like Michelle Bridges or Janine Allis. Successfully juggling their empires and families is something that interests me.


If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?
To take a deep breathe and sleep on it. I was very impulsive in my early days of business. Now I like to let some times pass to digest and seek advice from the right people before acting.


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