If you know us at all, you're well aware that we are no ordinary health food brand. Our focus is all about who our Health Lab babes are and everything we do is about making your lives easier so you can get out there and be the ballsy, over achieving boss babes that you are without letting go of your healthy lifestyle.  

There is a reason we're like this and it's because of our own resident boss babe, Jess Thomas, the founder and brains behind Health Lab. With all the exciting things our brand has going on right now like new products and crazy growth, we thought it was the perfect time to reflect on why we're here and where we've come from. 


Describe your day in 5 words...
UnpredictableJam-packed | Fun | Creative | Challenging
What inspired you to start Health Lab?
I had noticed a huge gap in the market for actually healthy snacks that helped me get through my long afternoons and stress induced sugar cravings. I knew that there were other women out there like myself that were too busy to be making their own snacks, and needed healthier options that were convenient and delivered straight to them. But it was really my husband at the end of the day that inspired me to start taking some risks and make my dream into a business.
What is it about Health Lab that makes it so successful?
I believe we’ve created a brand that really understands women and what they want. We’ve been passionate about a brand that stands for much more than simply healthy food, and want to connect, inspire, empower, and humour our customers. I also believe our success has come down to partnering with and surrounding ourselves with the best people. From the beginning we’ve outsourced our areas of weakness with experts, so we can focus on our strengths.
What is the best mistake you’ve ever made?
Haha probably a not-at-all good for me boyfriend many years ago! I truly believe mistakes are the best way to learn and happen for a reason. In my Health Lab world, the best mistake I’ve ever made is not testing a product properly before launching it into the market. When you feel the need to speed up, it really is the best time to slow down!
What part of your daily routine is your favourite?
Walking every morning with my two pups, husband and strong latte.
What are the most important qualities in yourself and your team members?
It’s so important that we walk the talk and everything we are passionate about as a brand starts from within the business and the team.
So the qualities I always look for are:
  • Ballsy; someone that’s willing to take risks and challenge boundaries
  • Creative thinker; someone that can think outside the box
  • Hungry and passionate; about success, achieving their goals and life
We are strong on the philosophy hire for attitude, train for skill.
If you could travel back in time to the day you first started, what one piece of advice would you communicate to you former self?
It may sound cliché, but just trust in the journey.
If the story of Health Lab were being made into a movie, what would the title be?
Ball breakers!
The Best You Ever Had…

Breakthrough moment…Quitting my corporate job as a Marketing Manager and jumping into Health Lab full time
Advice…Success is a marathon, not a sprint
Indulgence…French champagne
Heels…Manning Cartell
Surprise…Getting engaged


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