So what is this we hear about morning people being the most successful people? Apparently it's proven and when you think about it, it makes sense. What's the saying; "You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce"... Well maybe we don't because this successful babe is getting up 4 hours before us!

Who doesn't wish they were a morning person? Imagine being awake hours before you're due to start work and actually doing something productive with them instead of just sleeping. It's all well and good to wish we were one of those people, but in winter, how the heck are we to be expected to bounce out of bed when that spot under the doona is so so warm and comfy... 

Remember your goals babe and #sleepwhenyouredead because we've come up with 30 ways to get you into a super productive morning routine and poised for success!


1. Get a better sleep by having a electronic free hour before bed.

2. Try an app like Sleep Cycle to help you wake up with more energy.

3. Watch out for danger foods before you go to bed like choc which has caffeine or alcohol which will have you waking to go to the bathroom.

4. Get accountable. Tell your partner, friend and text them when you're up, better yet, get them to do it with you!

5. Plan ahead, decide on your outfit, iron it, prepare your lunch the night before.

6. Schedule your morning workouts into your calendar.

7. Don't go cold turkey, work towards your ideal wake up time in 15 min increments day-by-day.

8. Let natural light into your room.

9. Just lie there for 3-5 mins and try to push all negative or stressful thoughts out of your mind and just stretch and enjoy the relaxation.

10. Don't press snooze.

11. If you wake up before your alarm get up then, don't be tempted into going back to sleep and using every last minute of sleep.

12. Don't get on your emails or chats as soon as you wake up

13. Do something you love first, doesn't matter what it is, just something that gets excited about getting up.

14. Workout. Doesn't matter if it's for 5 minutes or 45, a morning workout isn't just good for fitness even a 5 minute work or less that gets your blood pumping will give more energy in the morning.

15. Take your time. Don't rush in the mornings because it causes unnecessary stress. Make sure your wake up time leaves you enough time to leisurely get through your new routine so 6 am or earlier is a good target.

16. Work on a passion project.

17. Don't do house hold chores and busy work.

18. Instead of making a 'To-Do List' make a list of things you're excited about or grateful for first.

19. Cook a delicious and healthy breakfast. Or get out of the house and eat out at your favourite local cafe.

20. Go old school. Grab a book or the news paper or a magazine to read with your delicious breaky.

21. Take a shower.

22. Listen to music. If you love Bieber, why not spend the morning with him?!

23. Don't lounge around. Getting up early doesn't count if you're lying on the couch in front of the TV!

24. Keep to a schedule/routine. Got to bed and wake up at the same time each day. We suggest trying to stick to this on weekends as well, but we all know that something life can get in the way of that!

25. Reward yourself. Did you get up and have a productive and energising morning for the whole week? Well then reward yourself babe, like with some online shopping or a long relaxing bath with a glass of bubbly.

26. Commit to doing it for 1 month before you decide whether you're going to keep this up for the rest of your life.

27. Stop saying I'm not a morning person. If you say it you'll believe it so change your mind set and start telling people (and yourself) that you love mornings.

28. Take up meditation. I once read that 30 minutes of meditation is equal to 4 hours of sleep, so if you believe that you can start waking at 4am easy!

29. Get dressed in your work out clothes. If you're getting up earlier there is no need to rush to get ready for work. Put on your work out gear and you'll be more likely to get moving.

30. Use your mornings to accomplish something or enjoy something before you start work and you will love them instantly. 

  P.S. Remember coffee is your BFF...

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