We don't mean to sound like a broken record but did you know summer is now only 1 month away!?! As bloody exciting as this is, it can also be pretty scary if you're not feeling 'summer ready'. This isn't just about how you're going to look by the pool or at the beach, it's about your mind, body, diet and lifestyle. We've put together a 10 step plan so come December 1st, you're feeling 'Summer Ready' AF.

1. Set The Right Goals

If you've read any of our chats with Tiff Hall, you know all about the importance of setting the right kind of goals; "don’t focus on the fat, focus on the fit. If you concentrate on weight loss goals, often people reach that goal and yo yo back up or binge." Instead set a goal distance you want to run, improve how many push ups you can do, chin ups, the time you can hold a handstand for, the list goes on! If you work towards these type of fitness goals you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment and the tight and toned body will come with it.

2. Understand That Size Is Irrelevant

The truth is every body shape is different and some (most) people just weren't born to be a size 6. That doesn't mean you don't have a smokin' hot bod, focus on developing lean muscle and toning up. Watching the scales isn't an accurate way to measure your progress so ditch them for a tape measure or get your skin folds done to measure what counts.

3. Eat Enough Food


A common mistake babes make is cutting back on their food intake which slows your metabolism and leaves you starving, lethargic & grumpy and summer is for feeling happy and energised! So make sure your eating lots of healthy foods like lean proteins, veggies, fibre, and reward yourself after a workout with some good quality complex carbs like sweet potato and unprocessed grains. Bad news? Time to ditch the starchy processed carbs like bread, pasta, pastries and crackers.

4.  Snack Smart

Snack on food that serves you and is delicious. Fruits that won't spike your blood sugar, like strawberries, raspberries, avocado, grapefruit and kiwi. Lean meats, veggies and nuts. And foods rich in protein that will satisfy your sugar and hunger cravings like our delicious Protein Balls, Protein Drinks and Protein Blends

5. Get Into Strength Training


Don't be afraid of weights! Yes they can be intimidating to begin with but there are plenty of trainers out there that can help you to get started and you will be so thankful you did. Strength training boosts your metabolism and your bodies calorie burning power for 24-48 hours after your session. Get in at least 3 a week and you will start seeing results!

6. Make your Butt & Stomach Top Priorities

OK, so 'Summer Ready' definitely has a lot to do with feeling great in your bathers when you hit the pool or beach. No one wants to be feeling self conscious when you're out having fun so make sure you're targeting these areas in your workouts. 

7. Improve Your Posture

Having good posture isn't just about making your parents happy, by standing/sitting up straight we're engaging our core and helping those abs of ours to pop out and say hey for summer. Sitting at a desk all day causes a lot of babes to get lazy and slouch in their chairs when they're tired, so ditch it for a standing desk or exercise ball.  

8. Reduce Alcohol Intake


This is a bit of a chicken and the egg situation for some... We want to look great in summer for when we go out with our friends and have a few cocktails by the pool but alcohol is a hater of a flat stomach. Our advice is to cut back where you can and be smart about your drink choices.

9. Refresh Your Beauty Kit


Summer is time to get rid of the heavy duty stuff in your beauty kit and keep it au-natural! Try an oil cleanser to give your skin a dewy glow, arm yourself with an awesome BB cream and tinted moisturiser for every occasion, try a tube mascara for 0 smudge, invest in a great highlighter for those cheekbones and get a trusty tanner for a faux glow.

10. Master Your Mindset


With all the parties and social events happening in the summer it's the perfect time to work on your relationship with yourself and enjoy some quality alone time. Think meditation, long walks on the beach and some serious flexing of your self love muscle. We love the app Calm for some great guided meditations.  

If you want more tips from experts like Tiffiny Hall, Jessica Sepel, Blake Worrall-Thompson, Bianca Cheah & Nat Kringoudis on getting fit and healthy for summer,

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