Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser and thought "I wish I had a trainer like that to whip my butt into gear"? Well good news babes, now you can, minus the getting on the scales in a crop top and weighing in in-front of the whole country! WIN-WIN. 

One of our fave #babeswithballs Tiffiny Hall has just launched her new TIFFXO program which has been designed for women everywhere to help get you fit, eating right, mentally calm and strong and teach you self-defence. If you're in a rut, whether it be fitness/diet/lifestyle related, this super well rounded (and very affordable) program is worth a shot! We chatted to Tiff to find out everything you need to know about TIFFXO. 

HL: Let’s start simple, what is TIFFXO?

TIFF: It’s a super fantastic 4 week online program with me, where I take care of your workouts and meals every day, and help you to mentally chill out as well!

My philosophy is a holistic one - you can’t have a healthy body if you aren’t right mentally and emotionally too. Training with me means you’ll be Strong, Satisfied and Supported - martial-arts style workouts with absolutely delicious meals (no deprivation!) and some great mindfulness and meditation tools to get your head straight.


HL: What was the inspiration behind creating this program for women?

TIFF: I’ve been teaching fitness and Taekwondo since I was 12 years old - so I’m totally across what it takes to stay in top shape both physically and mentally.

I’ve always dreamt of being able to train EVERYONE but I really wanted to deliver a program that was personal hence the XO - it’s about me giving peeps some love and them too giving yourself self love, a little cuddle for the self goes a long way to staying motivated long term and feeling well. I also wanted to create a program that stayed true to me as an Instructor, actually coaching you every day in a video, time effective, and bursting with all my tips and knowledge from working with humans (not just taking photos on Insta like some unqualified wellness gurus!) for 20 years. I’ve worked with morbidly obese people and helped them to halve their body fat percentage and reverse their bio age, I’ve worked with athletes, teenagers, fit and fit-ish people. I have years on the ground, grassroots honing my skills and expertise. I know what works and I can’t wait to share it with people , all tied up in a pretty little package called TIFFXO.



HL: What makes TIFFXO different from the other training programs out there?


  • Well, me for a start!
  • On TIFFXO you get martial-arts style video workout with me every day, I’ll be coaching you every step, kick, punch and sweat moustache along the way!
  • I aim to fill your belly with delicious food! I reckon food needs to taste good and have lots of variety to help people stay on track, otherwise depriving yourself of treats really feeds that binge/starve mentality and I am most definitely NOT about that. Fuel your body right, and you’ll feel fantastic (you’ll need the energy to get through my workouts!)
  • AND my secret weapon: VERY excited to share my own version of Poomsae, a series of Taekwondo movements - kind of like Tai Chi, but with my own special twist!
  • Plus my Meditations in Action – not your regular meditations - you can actually do them on the run! It’s especially designed for people who don’t have time to meditate, which let’s face it, is practically all of us.
  • You’ll also get round-the-clock support from me and Team Tiff via help desk and our private social community.


HL: Can you tell us a bit about what a week’s routine on the program looks like?


  • 6 different workouts a week, plus a rest day! The workouts range from my Taekwondo HIIT with an optional TIFF10 (you can add these for an extra challenge OR when you only have 10 minutes to spare!) to strength & conditioning as well as a stretching/flow workout. It’s awesomely well-balanced - goodbye boring workouts!
  • A meditation-in-action to help get your head sorted, even if you think you don’t have time for it.
  • My special Poomsae session - it’s kind of like Tai-chi, but better! I think you’re going to love it.
  • Plus lots of other stuff to keep each week a little different - our psych Cass Dunn helps us with tips and tricks on mindfulness, a self-defence expert, and I’ll show off my ninja skills in the kitchen too!
  • And don’t forget lots of x and o from me and Team Tiff in our support group, where you’ll get exclusive content and videos from me, plus cool comps and prizes! 


HL: Why have you added the self-defence focus to the program?

TIFF: I was teaching self defence while I was at uni! I really think personal safety is SO important. 1-3 women are attacked in Australia. I don’t want to scare people, but self defence in essence is preparation. So I have some fantastic practical concepts and tips to keep you alert and prepared, that’s all.


HL: How important is our relationship with food?

TIFF: Your relationship with food is your relationship with yourself. If you respect yourself, and feel self worth, then you will want to make healthy happy food choices for your body. You have to love yourself with food. This doesn’t mean giving up treats. This means balance. Enjoy treats, really enjoy them and don’t feel guilty afterwards or punish yourself for having them. Relish the treat. But when it’s time to eat well to fuel your body and to nourish your body, then you have to be able to switch back on and be in the groove of healthy eating. I’m 80% health ninja, 20% naughty ninja. Treat food as you would treat yourself - with love and respect.


HL: Tell us a little bit about the meal plans? What’s your favourite dish on there?

TIFF: The meal plans are totally gorgeous! No one will go hungry - plenty of delicious breakfasts, easy lunches and super quick dinners. There’s options for weight loss and maintenance or for those who just want to focus on being strong ninjas!

My favourites are the Salted Caramel Smoothie, the Crumbed Fish & Veggie Chips, and my gorgeous Joy and Glow Bowls - packed full of delicious ingredients to give you a clean energy boost! Oh and of course my Orange & Pistachio Cookies...YUM.


HL:  When we spoke to you for our Spring E-Book we loved your philosophy that motivation comes from setting the right goals, what goals do you encourage the women in your program to focus on?

TIFF: Don’t focus on the fat, focus on the fit. If you concentrate on weight loss goals, often people reach that goal and yo yo back up or binge. It’s not sustainable, and the truth is, weight is arbitrary because as you train, you will gain lean sexy muscle and your body composition will change so you may not lose weight, but your jeans will become baggy.

So always focus on fitness goals: how long can you hold the plank? How many Tiff Squats can you do? How fast can you skip? How high can you throw a side kick? How fast can you shadow box? If you focus on fitness goals, you will feel great, strong, empowered and reap the benefits which are glowing skin, more energy, weight loss and body sculpting.

In the process you will take your mind out of living for a number and instead, live according to how you feel. It should feel great to look good. And no one ever has said they feel wonderful standing on the scales. So chuck ‘em! Replace the scales with a tape measure instead and watch your waist cinch in!


HL: How will the women using your program feel once they get in the groove?

TIFF: I hope women using TIFFXO feel strong, satisfied, safe and sexy. I want them to feel like they’ve got this, like they’ve got anything! It’s the power of knowing how to maintain your weight without being afraid of food or going out and being social and I want them to feel empowered through meditation and poomsae to not need motivation (that comes and goes) but to be driven by joy and happiness. Because doing TIFFXO does make you happier!

It’s all about fun. I also would love women to take on some of the self defence tips and own their power. Self defence is about being prepared, and our tips will really help them to be confident in their own skin and on the streets. It’s not just about weight loss goals, but TIFFXO will challenge you to reach fitness goals and to set mindset goals. You will be physically strong, but also emotionally and psychologically fit too.


HL: How do we sign up!?

TIFF: Head straight to tiffxo.com! Program runs monthly and it’s just $49, no contracts. Next one starts 7 Nov - you really shouldn’t miss it!

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