To celebrate our launch in the United States we've been on the hunt to find American based inspiring #BossBabe, founders who are making waves in the business world. 

We sat down with the amazing (and super cool) Danielle Sobel who is founder and CEO of her own company, Juice Society in Austin, Texas. We love that Juice Society believes that 'wellness shouldn't be intimidating but fun, exciting & inclusive.'

So, we asked Danielle to share her story and advice for all our businesses minded babes. 


 Did you originally set out to create a juice company? How did Juice Society come to be? 

Juice Society came about through my personal journey with health. After suffering from chronic skin conditions and migraines (and years on pills and creams) I finally decided to take my health into my own hands. I went back to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and slowly started changing my own diet. Throughout my journey, making juices and using superfoods / adaptogens was one of the things I did consistently and acted as a catalyst for me to make healthier choices in my day to day. Im a big believer in balance and the importance of having a positive relationship with food so, while I don't shy away from pizza or wine, I do enjoy knowing I can always come back to the basics to feel my best. 


What’s an aspect of owning your own business that you didn’t expect? We want the good…. And the bad! 

I think I always knew it would be stressful, but don't think I realised how it does completely take over your life. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but you have to work extremely hard to maintain any sort of balance with work / life. My biggest struggle was keeping the business separate from my relationship (and not talking about work 24/7) Im still working on that and try my best to still make time for my husband and myself! On the flip side, I've learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. If you would of thrown some of these problems at me years ago, I probably would of been so overwhelmed and walked away from it. Juice Society is like my child, and it's impossible to walk away (and I would never want to), so it really forces you to face hard decision and issues head on and make sure you're really showing up day in and day out. Always learning and always growing! 


Do you think being a female founded company has impacted the success of Juice Society?

I'm not sure if it has impacted our success, but being a female-founded and 90% female team has really allowed us to connect with our female consumers in a way that might not have been possible. We are a realistic wellness company and our goal is to make everyone, male or female, just feel great. We reject restriction and celebrate balance and I think as a whole that might resonate with alot of ladies who are like us! 


If you had to pick 3 reasons why your business has thrived, what would they be? Were you always aware they would be so integral to bring you to where you are today?

3 reasons I think we have thrived are:

1. Not afraid to go after what we want, make mistakes or ask questions.

2. We don't lose sight of our 'big vision'.

3. Innovate! - I think what makes your business thrive can change throughout the years. Everything ebbs and flows, and as long as your able to be nimble and move with the motions you eventually find the things that work for your business, your product and your customer. 


Have you got any hacks to help maintain a work/life balance?

Schedule time for yourself, your friends or your partner in your calendar! I've learned that if I schedule this for myself as if it's a meeting or a phone call, I am way more likely to stick to it. I've also realized that a work/life balance doesnt always mean I accomplish it daily. Perhaps its weekly, perhaps its monthly - as long as I am doing something for myself, that is all that matters! 


What is the best (or worst) piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

I actually read this somewhere but come back to it often "No is a full sentence." Sometimes people laugh when I tell them I love this piece of advice but if you think about it, its powerful! We, especially women, are constantly feeling like we have to apologize or explain ourselves for not having the time / resources/ or desire to do something. It's important to be able to say No to things that do not serve you or your business with conviction and not feel bad about it! 


What’s next for you and Juice Society?

For JS, we are focused on growing our wholesale line nationally, formulating new products, growing our team and opening up our next store this Summer! As for myself, I am working on getting our farm back up and running and making an effort to spend more time out there and in nature! 


This or That! 

  • Tea or Coffee - Matcha
  • Gym or Yoga - Yoga 
  • Netflix & Chill or Night Out - Netflix & chill & pizza 
  • Book or Podcast - Book
  • Winter or Summer - Summer
  • Early Mornings or Late Nights  - Early mornings 

Follow Juicy Society here or find out more here


(See, we told you she was cool) 


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