Love to travel but find yourself victim to traveller’s anxiety syndrome AKA: what to pack and how to remember all the holiday essentials (let alone how to fit them in your suitcase)?!! As a seasoned traveller, I thought I would share my organisational and packing tips to alleviate the pre-travel angst and sleepless nights in the lead up to your trip.



PASSPORT: Check it has AT LEAST 6 MONTHS validity from the date you are departing the country. It’s more common than people think but numerous holiday goers arrive at the airport only to realize their passport don’t have enough validity left. Make sure you also research if you require a Visa for the countries you are entering.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Do I need to elaborate? Don’t take a risk. If your concerned about the $$ shop around.

GROOMING: Get it done before you leave! It’s one less thing to worry about when you are on vacation. There’s nothing worse than staring down at your manky nails for your 12 hour plane journey whilst thinking about your less than desirable leg hair. (NOTE: waxing in foreign countries can be VERY SCARY) Get the boring jobs done to maximise the hours by the pool.

MONEY: Ensure you have more than one credit card (at least one for emergencies). Yes ATM machines eat your cards and pickpocketing isn’t isolated to Barcelona. It’s a huge holiday spoiler becoming a busker on the streets of ROME trying to pay for your gelato. Check with your bank branch what pre-loaded travel cards they offer and try to source a card with no or low overseas withdrawal fees. Trust me, they add up!

PHONE: Research your providers global roaming fees before you depart. Don’t risk turning your phone off aeroplane mode internationally (this includes sending messages letting everyone know you’ve arrived safely), within minutes the data roaming charges have spent your hard-earned shopping money. A lot of cafes such as Starbucks or even airports offer complimentary WIFI – score!

Now the admin is done....let’s get packing!



We all want to hit the ground running but flying can cause havoc to our systems.
Try these healthy tips and arrive to your next holiday destination with a smile on your dial.


SLEEP MASK & EAR PLUGS: Getting snooze on the way to your destination particularly with time zone changes is key. Also babes, have you ever found yourself sitting next to someone who won’t stop talking AT you? There’s no better way to send a polite I don’t want to talk to you message to your new neighbour by putting on your sleep mask & ear plugs!

HEALTHY SNACKS: Don’t fancy plane meals? To prevent on board HANGRY moods or disembarking your flight feeling bloated from highly processed plane food I suggest BYO plane snacks. I always have a few Health Lab protein balls in my handbag, they are perfect at any time of the flight and will keep you full and satisfied.

WATER BOTTLE: I love my water bottle (Earth Bottles/Hydo Flasks) are great options. Pack your water bottle empty in your carry on and once through security fill it up at a water fountain and save spending money on water. Dehydration is super common when flying due to the lack of humidity in the cabin air. Signs of dehydrating include fatigue, headache, dry skin, dizziness which are all symptoms of an undesirable holiday beginning.

SOCKS: One extra pair of warm socks for the plane for when the temperature drops and your feet get cold.

SCARF: The most versatile item which keeps you warm, can be used as a blanked or rolled up into a pillow and takes up minimal space. It’s also a great accessory to dress up your plane outfit!

EMERGENCY KIT: Deodorant, Tooth Brush/ Paste, Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Women’s Essential’s, Band Aid, Snack (Health Lab protein ball).

ON BOARD TIP: Make sure you regularly get up from your seat to get the blood flow going. I usually do a little stretching routine including calf raises, back and hip stretches and shoulder rolls.



There is a reason the expression ‘less is more’ originated, and it totally applies to your check in luggage. Think versatile outfits which you can mix and match. Apart from the general packing list of Toiletries and Clothes I have included a few of my favourite items you will find in my suitcase.
  1. ACTIVE WEAR Scheduling 30 minutes of exercise most days keeps you in a good routine on vacation and helps alleviate jet lag. Runners (also great for walking tours), leggings, sports bra’s, sweaters are also a comfy plane outfit.
  2. SKIPPING ROPE This eliminates any excuses for no movement if there’s no gym on site. Keep active where ever you go!
  3. PROBIOTICS Probiotic’s play an essential role in keeping your digestive system in check particularly when you are indulging in new cuisines plus they boost your immune system and help prevent sickness. Health Lab probiotic balls for gut health are the perfect solution. They don’t require refrigeration plus they taste good!
  4. ADAPTOR Having a phone and camera but not being able to charge them is a pain.
  5. SUN CARE Gone are the days of coconut tanning oil and sun damage. No one wants to rock the office tan but looking like a Lobster after the first day in the sun is worse (and painful)! Fake it till you make it and be sure to pack hat, sunscreen and sunnies.
  6. SARONG Perfect versatile item which can be used as a beach towel, skirt, top and scarf.
  7. WEDGES Cobblestone streets of Europe while very charming don’t lend a hand to heels. A wedge is versatile day and evening shoe which looks dressy but adds an element of practicality!
  8. VERSATILE FLATES: Comfort is key 
  9. MAXI DRESS: Great for day and night with a wedge. Keeps you a little warmer with cool seaside breezes.
  10. ACCESSORIES Nice earrings and necklace used to dress up an outfit for evenings and look great with swimwear and a sarong at a day pool party.
Happy Travels Babe x  


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