Not having much luck on dating apps? It's not you babe, but it could be your profile. We've imagined ourselves in the body of a funny, intelligent, successful and driven male suiter to come up with the most common mistakes that babes are making.

1. Sunglasses in every photo.

NOPE X! What are you trying to hide? Chances are you're even more beautiful than you think, so don't hide behind some large tinted frames because no one falls head over heels before they look into those eyes.

2. Narcissistic vibes.

NOPE X! After the 4th selfie of your bikini clad bod and perfect pout we get it, you're hot stuff. But we also want to believe your beauty runs deeper and you're not going to spend all our time together on Snapchat, so how about a few pics of you having fun with your friends, travelling the world or cuddling with a furry friend.


3. Large group photos as your profile pic.

NOPE X! Uhhhhm which one is you? This is not Where's Wally babe, don't play hard to get before the guy even knows who you are! Swipe left.



4. Couple-y looking shots?

NOPE X! Is that your ex? Are you in relationship? Is that your platonic boyfriend? Will he make me jealous and cause issues in our relationship? Maybe just leave it out.


5. Pics with babies?

NOPE X! Is that your baby? Do you want a baby? Are you looking to settle down? Marriage? Already!? We're not necessarily saying that a relationship won't progress to these stages (in time) but we don't want to be thinking about that before we've even met. Save this one for Instagram where it's sure to rack up the likes for its cute factor.

6. Cheesy pick up lines.

Well... Most of the time this can be pretty lame, especially if it's obvious you're recycling it and it's fairly commonly known. On the off chance you think you've actually got a pretty funny one, throw it out there, it's better than the standard "Hey, how are you?".


7. Super messy shots.

If someone who doesn't know you can look at your picture and tell you're wasted, it's probably not as flattering or as funny as you think. We understand that you might just be showing off that you're a carefree, fun loving babe but keep those memories (or lack thereof?) to yourself at least until the second or third date. 


8. Never making the first move.

Remember when we said don't play hard to get with someone you don't know? Well it's a good tip. You might think waiting a minimum of 4.5 hours to respond to that guy you've been on again-off again with for the last year is keeping him keen (and you're probably right) but chances are you 'matching' with someone doesn't quite carry the same weight. Say hi, get their number and invite them out for a drink, you might just have a great time and live happily ever after, worse case scenario? They say no and you never see or talk to them again. So get some BALLS babe.


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