Snacking. Man, do us babes love it. There is nothing like brightening up our afternoon with a delicious treat or rewarding ourselves before bed with something yummy. Unfortunately though, snacking is a little like drinking or gambling in the way that it must be done responsibly if you want to stick to your fat loss and metabolism boosting goals. We've collected 4 of the biggest mistakes babes make when they snack.

Snacking On Foods That Spike Insulin Levels

You know when you're going through your wardrobe and find yourself hoarding stuff that you'll never wear again because it was expensive and maybe it will come back into fashion one day? Then your wardrobe starts busting at the seams because there is so much shit in there that isn't being used? Well insulin is kind of like that, this is probably the exact analogy used by scientists and doctors in fact...

Basically we're going to break it down quick for you, when you each foods that spike your insulin levels (such as foods high in sugar, highly processed or refined carbohydrates) your body works to balance you out by removing the sugar from the blood so that it can store it as fuel for later. But if you're not using this fuel because you're sitting at a desk all day, you're going to start busting out your jeans as fast as that pair from the 90s is busting out of your wardrobe. So stay away from added sugars, food processed with lots of unnatural stuff and simple carbs. 

Snacking For The Wrong Reasons

Has boredom got you reaching for a packet of M&M's to make your slightly mundane task a little more colourful? Maybe it's because your boss was being a bitch or you have the hump day blues? A recent study by Nelson Data found that 68% of women were likely to snack between meals compared to only 32% of men. We're no expert and can only make assumptions but perhaps this has something to do with our tendency to satisfy our emotions with our fave foods... Whatever it is, these kind of habits are slowing our metabolisms and inhibiting fat loss. Think of food as fuel babe, let your body tell you when you need it not your mood!

Late Night Snacking

We've all been here. A long day of conquering the world really drains the energy from us and we sometimes find ourselves slumped on the couch sending our partner/kids/housemates to find snacks to go with Masterchef, because this show makes us so god damn hungry ALL THE TIME! Unfortunately we have some bad news, late night snacking is proven to store more fat because you're not going to be using up that energy tonight. That is unless your a serious sleep jogger... 

Bad Snack Choices

This is probably the most common snacking NO-NO. If you're body is telling you that it's hungry or craving some fuel, it needs some substance. Museli bars, chocolate, lollies, donuts, these things don't have a lot of the good stuff like protein, fibre or nutrients but they do have butt loads of added sugars, refined carbs, preservatives and the like. Stick to natural fruit, veg and nuts or complex carbohydrates and protein. However if snacking on some boring ol' nuts bores you tears, we've got some highly tasty alternatives that will tick all of your snacking boxes right here!

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