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With spring finally here and summer just around the corner we're more than aware that some babes are all of sudden regretting a bit of winter hibernation and trying to fix it with crash diets so they can fit into their favourite denim shorts from last season. If you're anything like us your social media has been flooded with friends and celebrity babes living it up in Europe flashing their bikini bodies and determination has set in to get yours into gear. Well what better time for us to address the top 10 myths about weight loss to hopefully prevent you from making a couple of bad decisions.

1. MYTH: Eating Less Will Help You Lose Weight

This is THE number one mistake women trying to lose weight make, and we're here to convince you to stop! By reducing the amount of food we eat, we might reach that goal quicker and look banging in our dress for that wedding (can anyone say yoyo dieting!?), but in doing so you have slowed your metabolism and once you can no longer bare to starve yourself, you will put it all back on and then some. 

Don't rush to reach your goal. If you want it to be sustainable you should be working hard in the gym and actually increasing the amount of good healthy meals you're eating in a day not reducing. This will increase you're lean muscle mass making it easier to burn fat and boost you're metabolism. So to reach your goal and stay there you should actually be eating more... Doesn't that sound way freaking better?

2. MYTH: Long Cardio Sessions Are Best For Weight Loss

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Are you religiously hitting the gym, smashing your PB's on the treadmill and wondering why you're tight and toned bod is nowhere to be seen? Unfortunately babes, long cardio sessions daily don't often look as good they feel and the secret to reducing those pesky areas is variety and even a targeted weights program. If you need help getting started speak to a PT, we promise you'll be noticing results in no time!

3. MYTH: Cut Out All Treats And Alcohol

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What use is looking good if you can't damn well enjoy a vino with your friends and gelato with your significant other? Balance babes, balance. As long as you're not indulging on the daily, allowing yourself a few little treats is only going to keep you sane and motivated to stay on your path. Going cold turkey is just setting ourselves up for failure and a desperate Tim Tam binge or two.

4. MYTH: All Carbs Are Created Equal

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We constantly hear babes blaming it on the carbs, those poor ol' carbs. Sure, pizza, burgers, pasta are not meals to be eating in excess (the fatty meat patties, cheese and cream is also to blame for this) but there are plenty of good carbs we should be including. Brown rice, sweet potato, beans, lentils, farro, oats, there are plenty of complex carbs that you're diet can benefit from if you're eating them in correct quantities. 

5. MYTH: Fat Makes You Fat

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We've talked about this one before and it's similar to the carbs sitch, not all fats are created equal! In fact some are completely essential. Always read the label, (we preach this a lot so remember it!) 'low fat foods' often compensate for taste with sugar, additives and preservatives so it's not uncommon that the "low-fat" version is actually a lot worse for you. 

6. MYTH: Working Out On An Empty Stomach Burns More Fat

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Babes, if you go to the gym with no nourishment in your body where do you think you're going to get the energy from to tackle that new weights program you're starting. The wrong place that's where! This is straight up nonsense! If eating a meal before you go makes you feel heavy and weighed down, have something lighter like and protein smoothie and ball, yummmm.

7. MYTH: Counting Calories Helps Weight Loss

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We can see why you might think this is a great idea but what you're actually doing is causing some big fat metabolic problems for yourself. You may actually be making it harder for yourself to slim down and easier to put weight on, which is the opposite of what we're trying to achieve, #amIright? So don't do this. Just eat as many healthy, fresh foods as you like. 

8. MYTH: Some Foods Will Magically Speed Up Your Metabolism

Did you hear chilli was a metabolism booster so now you put so much in your cooking that you cry at every meal time? Well the good news is, you don't have to do this any longer and the bad news is, chilli is no magic fairy dust that will poof your love handles away. Even if there are certain foods that are proven to help with the metabolism, it's never going to be enough to make the change you're looking for so don't convince yourself your pizza is speeding up your metabolism just because it's covered in spicy salami and doused in chilli oil.

9. MYTH: Single Food Diets Work

You know "the grapefruit diet" or "the soup diet"? Anything like this we label as a FAD diet and they are no good for you girl, STAY AWAY at all costs. You'll be hungry, tired, grumpy and deficient in a bunch of shit if you can keep it up for more than a few hours. 

10. MYTH: Snacking Leads To Weight Gain

Anyone against snacking should just leave now because boy do we luuuuurrrrrrve it. Snacking is not evil, it's what you're snacking on that may be the problem though. Are you satisfying you're 3PM cravings with a chocolate bar, or a 100% natural protein ball with 0 added sugar? There are so many healthy snacks you can fill your day with and enjoy guilt-free. For you busy babes with no time to make them, we've done it for you. You're welcome! :) Snack Guilt Free NOW.


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