As you know we're all about inspiring babes getting out there, doing what they love and being the boss of their own life and adventure. Enter Adelaide artist Lisa King, we're a little bit obsessed with her bright and creative work that is popping online, in galleries and on the sidewalk. We took a little time to talk to her about what drives her to get up every morning feeling inspired!

Describe your typical day in 5 words…
coffee. dog. work. plants. boyfriend.
We love that you’re a self-taught artist, what do you think is the greatest advantage of this? Creating your own path... Getting to choose the the things you really want to focus you learning on can make for a great individual route and being my own boss is the ultimate... 

What is the hardest and the best thing about public art? The hardest would have to be that you are constantly on display... so your mistakes and flaws can be very visible from time to time... as a beginner this can make you feel rather vulnerable. Also you have times where people just want to talk to you constantly even though you are working a very hard and concentrated job (with headphones on) and even if you are 10 metres high up on a scissor lift... that is probably the most trialing thing for me. THE BEST; when I am in the zone and painting correctly. I love being up in the sky on a scissor life with my headphones on listening to may fav tracks while painting in the sun.

What is the proudest moment you’ve had after standing back and looking at a piece of your work? Would have to be the Bowie piece.. I was just really happy that i got to paint a portrait of hime and I liked the overall feel. 


Would you say social media and our digital obsession has an impact on life as an artist? Absolutely. To some extremes I feel artists only rely on social media, specifically Instagram. Its a great platform for international networking and recognition and can be a fantastic tool to attain clients and fans. 

Is inspiration everywhere or hard to find? Where/who/what do you find it from? Inspiration for me comes often and in various forms. I love indie culture, alternative models, fashion photography and editorial, music and sub cultures and traditional painting always. I get super inspired by other artists too.... etam cru, aryz, hsiao ron cheng, james jean to name a few

What do you do on days when you’re just not feeling it? Sometimes and a lot of the time with client work I just have to force it.... other times on my own clock I learn to stop and take a break... I like to clean and look after my plants.... watch technical tutorials and street art vids or just hang with my boyfriend and puppy 
Female portraiture is obviously a focus of your work, tell us a little bit why you love this subject? Hmmmm I'm not overly sure... I guess I just like cute, pretty, ladylike things. Making art from someones unique personality and appearance is so much fun. I especially like female gazes. 

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