So babes, you know I like to tell it like it is...most of us are addicted to our inbox and spend the day with a to-do list that keeps getting longer and longer!

Here's some tips to make sure you don't end up spending the day according to everyone else's agenda's. 

1. Be clear on your priorities each day. Don't let your inbox dictate your to-do list, its simply lazy.

2. Switch off your email alerts. It only distracts and interrupts you your entire day. It will also ensure you are dictated by your priorities, not your emails.

3. Don't open your emails up first thing in the morning. We recommend only visiting your inbox two times each day in set time periods.

      • Between 11am and 12pm; when you have gotten your priorities out of the way at the start of the day.
      • Between 4pm and 5pm; to wrap up your day and set your priorities for the following day.

You will be amazed at how much your productivity levels go up Babe! So there you have it. 

Be the boss of your own box!

HL x

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