Coffee Not Coffee is a brand that's anything but your average Coffee brand, and so is one of the power women behind the brand's success Alice Bowden...

Describe your day in 5 words...Hectic, interesting, fun, coffee and varied

What was the defining moment when Coffee Not Coffee was born? The moment was when we (my sister and I) found we were both drinking a lot of coffee at home, but wanted a healthier alternative. Being into health and fitness, we realised a huge gap in the market for a health driven coffee. We wanted something that's easy to make and accessible to everybody and fit into a variety of lifestyles. 


What's the biggest lesson you've learnt running your own business? Trust your instinct, have confidence in your own ideas and decisions and take risks. 

If Coffee Not Coffee was a celeb, who would it be and why? Jennifer Lawrence X with Iggy Azalea - they're quirky, cool, real, fit, healthy, fun, powerful women.

"So it goes back again to trusting your own instincts."

Any tips for budding entrepreneurs who want to take the leap? Take your time, do it right and jump to it. Make sure you tick all the boxes such as trademarks, business insurance, product regulations, company structure etc. Set yourself up for success.


What's the worse advice you've been given about starting a business? We sought out advice from trusted and professional business people. Everyone can have different advice and opinions and we don't believe there is any right or wrong - it's about what you believe will work best for you. So it goes back again to trusting your own instincts. 

Finally, what's next on the horizon for CNC? Lots! We're busting with excitement! Stay tuned... ;) 

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