Whether you’re a super active babe or busy stuck at a desk babe, it is essential that you get enough protein. So why all the fuss?

Protein makes up 20% of our body weight and promotes the rejuvenation of hair, nails, skin, muscles and almost every cell in the body. It helps the immune system, sleep functions, regulates the metabolism and builds lean muscles. And if that’s not enough, a lack of protein can affect brain chemistry and may lead to anxiety, moodiness, hormone changes, weight gain and lack of energy. In other words, one moody babe.

Want to become a pro on protein?

+ It doesn’t bulk you up ladies. This is one of the oldest myths going around. In fact it is 'protein' that helps you build toned, slender, 'Tash Oakley esk' muscles.

+ A diet rich in protein will help curb sugar cravings, keep you fuller for longer, speed up fat burning and help  regulate your metabolism.

+ As a general rule, the RDI for women 30 to 50 years old is 0.75 grams of protein per kg of body weight per day. And this increases to 2 grams per kg if you are very active babe.

+ You should spread your protein intake across the day over 3-6 meals, rather than relying on one large protein meal each day.

+ Don’t forget we love #babeswithbrains, so you need protein to help you concentrate and come up with those genius ideas! You can't take over the world if you are hungry.

So babes, better get those protein balls rollin your way.

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