We shared a #ball with this busy and bold babe Rayne Embley, and chatted all things business and babies...

What does a typical day look like for Rayne Embley? Up at 5.30am to workout, get the kids off to school. Do an activity with the one or two kids I still have at home. Try and get at least an hour of work in whilst the boys rest over lunch. Pick ups, after school sport, dinner, work until 11ish and then bed. 

How did having children change your approach to business? You work whenever you can make the time. Once you have kids you have less time, so you have to be more efficient with the time you have. It also had me reassess my ‘why’. With a family,  you seriously have to love what you do or it’s too hard to work when you’re tired, squeeze in a hour here or there, and stay motivated to stick to your business goals.  

With three children under 4, I’m sure there is lot’s of sleep deprivation and hectic days, what’s your biggest tip for other mums out there trying to balance family and career? Be kind to yourself. We can only do our best with the cards be have been dealt. Re-evaluate what is important in in every moment. 

You run a cooking business with your husband Andrew, how does it go mixing marriage and business together in the ‘kitchen’? We have had a lot of practice! He is the face of Cooking with Embers and I help out with all the back end bits. Basically I’m the boss and if he does what he’s told it all works out perfectly ;)

Are you more of a routine or take-it-each-day-as-it-comes kind of gal? Definitely both. I set out with routine and structure but I am extremely flexible. With 3 kids and a husband who works away and on weekends you have to be. If things are going to plan I find it easy to change things up. Being malleable is extremely important when running a business and a family. 

Any advice for other mother’s looking to start their own business? Find something you’re passionate about. Be honest to yourself about why you are starting a business and just go for it!         

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? My iPhone 6+ 

What’s next on the Horizon? Right as Rayne TV!! Very excited. Stay tuned!! 

HL x x

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