The Daily Edited is an online store and blog produced and curated by Alyce Tran and Tania Liu. Lawyer by day and creative by night, there is no such thing as a 9-5 day for this babe...

Q. You are a Lawyer by day and a creative by night, describe your day in 5 words.
Frantic, challenging, long, beautiful and varied
Q. What was the light-bulb moment when ‘The Daily Edited’ was born?
We started as a creative side project away from may day job as a corporate lawyers. I just wanted to create an online platform – blog and store where women like me could visit, browse around and purchase items we had a mutual affection for. In terms of the products we sell, that came about because I wanted a range of things personalised for my desk, but found that the brands offering such services or selling personalisable product were doing so at a price maybe 10 or 15 times higher than what we are offering. I thought to myself, we can do it to the same quality for a much more attainable price point! We did a small run of product last September, sold all of that within 3 weeks and the rest is history so they say!

Q. What is your secret to balancing two different careers?
There truly is no secret, I just work all the time, I am constantly on the go. I think you have to be willing to make sacrifices. I jam pack my days. I am never doing “nothing”. I have a really supportive work place at my day job so that definitely helps! My boss doesn’t mind the fact that couriers come and go from my office and occasionally I am on the phone talking things so far from legal!!

Q. What advice would you give to other babes wanting to start a business?
Just give it a go! Try out whatever the product, service you want to provide to your friends and family and see how you go. I meet so many entrepreneurs in my work as a lawyer who come to me as they are planning this and that and half the time I think instead of talking to me you should just be going for it. You can’t plan to mitigate failure, things may not work out and you just need to be prepared for it.
Q. What is your #1 tip for those working in a partnership?
Make sure you get along with your partner and that you are on the same page! I think having complementary skill sets is also advantageous, you can then split tasks accordingly and have the person who is stronger in a particular area run the charge on particular work streams.
Q. Whats one thing about you that usually surprises people?
How much I do for The Daily Edited, from hand writing on the card that comes with each customer’s purchase, so I am literally doing hand calligraphy on a hundred or so cards every night after work, laying out everything for all of our Instagram shots, getting rid of bags of rubbish and sometimes having to sneak rubbish into our neighbours bins!

Q. If you could choose one celebrity to represent The Daily Edited - who would it be and why?
Olivia Palermo. I know, it’s hardly ground breaking but we love her diverse style, the mixing of highs and lows and the youthful sophistication of all of her looks. But seriously we are fans of so many women, just check out our “Moodboard” on Pinterest.
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