So it's holiday season again and as many of us know, that means we need to be prepared to be surrounded by an abundance of cheat meals and naughty foods. Well we're sure it comes as no surprise to you that cheating can cause a little harm to the heart and the body so we've put together our 5 top tips so that you can cheat smarter and minimise the damage to all your hard work. Since Aussies drew the short straw with holiday season being smack bang in the middle of bikini season and all, this is quite important.


1. Don’t cheat on you soul mate

Are donuts your soul mate? Or is it ice-cream that you dream of each night? Whatever it is, don’t stray from the one you love, because if you’re dreaming of cookies and cream ice cream but then you cheat with apple pie, well maybe you’re just going to be so disappointed that you eat them both. You see what we’re sayin’?


2. Share the love

What is joy and happiness if you have no one to share it with? Not only will you enjoy your cheat meal a lot more if you’re sharing it with friends or someone special, you’ll thank yourself for it on boxing day when you hit the beach.


3. Plan ahead

Write all the high risk events down in your diary and be sure to eat super healthy around them. This means if you usually treat yourself to a gelato on Sunday night, but have your work Christmas party on Monday night, it's best to stay away from the freezer this week.



4. Own it

So you ate something that was loaded with a lot of stuff you shouldn’t have? Don’t buy into the guilt babe, life is about balance and in the words of Gigi Hadid herself “eat clean to stay fit and have a burger to stay sane.” If you’re looking after your body with nourishing foods and exercise you deserve it, so just enjoy it.


5. Have a Defence Strategy

OK so I’m hearing a lot of, “how do I manage my cravings until I finally get to indulge in my cheat meal?” But to be honest babes, I’m surprised you have to ask because you know the answer. We have protein balls in 6 different flavours that will satisfy any sugary cravings you have with no added sugars and no artificial ingredients keeping you guilt free. You know where to get them. (right here)

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