Anyone who still believes that ‘it’s a man’s world’ has obviously never met Lisa Messenger. Founder and CEO of Collective Hub, Messenger is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia. In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we were lucky enough to chat with Lisa about all things business, balance and living your best life! 

Guest Interview by: Sarah Lindsay

As a female leader who is continuously cracking the glass ceiling, what has been the most difficult aspect of climbing the business ladder of success as a woman? 

Well for a start, I don’t personally buy into the gender issue.  Whilst it certainly affects many people and there are lot of people with a bad experience around this, I can ONLY speak for my experience and mine has only been positive. Not once in 16.5 years of running my own businesses have I felt less than for being a woman. I am a business “person” and for me my gender is irrelevant.  I could have used it as a fear based excuse to sabotage my career and success. I simply haven’t.  I power on regardless.  

Here at Health Lab we are all about building and boosting female communities – which wonder-women do you find inspiring? 

So many! Its tricky to pick just one. We have interviewed over 6000 people across our print and digital assets in the past five years. There are so many inspiring women across so many geographic locations and industries – incredible world changers and inspiring in their own right. We are lucky to have featured many in our magazine, which in turn allows us to inspire a wider community of women and can be easily accessed through

With such a successful career trajectory, are there any standout highlights from your journey thus far?  

Well, launching a print mag into an industry people said was dead or dying with no  experience and no money – that was certainly a highlight. Within 18 months it was in 37 countries and I was asked by Anna Wintour to meet her in NYC which I did.  Now THAT was a moment that demonstrated to me if you have a big dream and a solid vision that anything, and I mean, anything is possible!  Since then there have literally been hundreds of highlights, most of them I talk about in my books which I tend to bring out twice a year. It’s important for me to write down all my experiences every day. The good and the bad, for all to see. 

More importantly for me though, is knowing your “why”. The delivery mechanism is largely irrelevant. So to remain a disruptor and keep innovating, sometimes you have to break the very thing at the centre of your brand.  Lets just say, whilst I LOVE our print mag, it may not be the BEST way to connect with our community for much longer.

 Can you share the best piece of business advice you have ever been given? 

Fail Fast.

 What would be your three top tips for females that are aspiring to break out on their own and become a business leader?  

  • Have a really clear vision. 
  • Surround yourself with extraordinary people.
  • Have an unwavering self belief.

It’s no doubt that you are a very busy lady – do you have any techniques for switching off after a busy day in the office?  

Hitting the beach every day with my dog Benny and my partner.  No matter how cold it is, we have a rule – we HAVE to go in.  I’m all about the ocean, nature and meditation.

 Finally, how do you like to spend your days off? (If you ever have one!)  

Good friends. Healthy food.  Beach. Nature. Reading. Writing.  Learning. Seeking.  Being.

Follow Lisa's journey via: @lisamessenger and @collectivehub

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