From a round idea to a multi-national business, sisters and boho-babes Victoria Beattie and Emma Henderson's seaside luxury essentials brand, The Beach People, has taken the world by storm. We were lucky enough to sit down with the power-house, sister duo to chat all things business, community & balance.

Guest feature by: Sarah Lindsay

Hi Victoria & Emma, thanks so much for having a chat with us today. Since launching The Beach People in 2013, your beautiful lifestyle business has taken the world by storm! Can you talk us through how the business idea first came about?

Vic: Sure! It was a fairly simple moment and for that I am so thankful. Emma and I were sitting on the beach one day watching our husbands surf when she turned to me and said… “I think I am going to make some round beach towels, in beautiful designs with plush material… want to do that with me? Also want tacos for dinner? “ I said yes to both!

Emma: I was on maternity leave with my first baby and thinking of things I could do from home and not go back to my 9-5 job. It was such a simple moment sitting on the beach with Victoria and I said I have an idea, and it all began.

Your most prolific product is no doubt The Roundie beach towel. Where did the inspiration for Australia’s favourite round towel come from?

Vic: It was on the beach that day that Emma came up with the idea. An in depth global IP and Google search revealed there wasn’t a single company in the world producing or selling round towels at the time… incredible ha! The idea inspiration was just one of those light bulb moments. The design inspiration is always evolving; we are inspired by different things. I am more inspired by culture, travel and storytelling while Em is inspired by fashion, architecture and design.

Emma: Like everything we design it all stems from our everyday life, things that we would use and love.

What has been the most difficult aspect of launching and running your own business?

Vic: There are challenges every day, week, month and season. I think the biggest obstacle for me has been to overcome my own weaknesses. My internal dialogue and approach to stress. There is always going to be a problem to solve. It’s learning to live well amidst the chaos that’s the difficult part!

Emma: Ha! The Challenges are nonstop and every day. Learning how to live with the challenges and still have a fun, happy, heathy home has been my biggest lesson. I’ve learnt to switch off and not stress about the little things.

We think of our work girlfriends as sisters, but you actually work with yours! How has working with each impacted the way that The Beach People operates?

Vic: I LOVE working with Emma, we’re better together! I think it impacts the business so positively as we are complete opposites so it’s like having a superwoman at the top.

Emma: I say it all the time to Vic “I’m so glad we are doing this together”. When I have problem I don’t have the answers for Vic always has a different perspective and vice versa… She is so wise I just love working with her.

We love how involved you ladies are in your local community - how has where you live impacted on your career and business?

Vic: I think we live in the most beautiful part of the world and amongst the loveliest of people. This has a positive impact on our entire lives. Our own well-being, the well-being of our families and relationships and that definitely positively impacts our business. Being connected to a community is a wonderful thing… it keeps you focused on something bigger than your own here and now.

Emma: The Beach People is inspired by seaside coastal living. All our ideas are birthed from Victoria and I’s lifestyle so it has impacted us greatly.

Other than each other, have you had any other superstar female mentors?

Vic: Our Mum, Aunties and the Pastor at our church Amy… they are all incredible women doing amazing things.

Emma: Our Grandmother Gwen was the most incredible woman! She was never bothered by age or gender she just did what she loved and it made her money. She renovated a motel when she was 65 years old and single. She was a real go getter!

Your Instagram is a boho-beach babe’s dream. What are your top tips for capturing the perfect beach pic?

Vic: This is probably more an Emma questions… but she is constantly telling me to “get your lines straight” ha! Straighten that horizon.

Emma: Haha about 5 years ago I did a iPhone photography class it was great! I’m sure there would be loads of YouTube tutorials on that. Generally, I like my pictures to look uncluttered, clean straight lines and not over filtered. I use VSCO for my iPhone photo editing.

Before we let you go, would you mind sharing a few of your favourite ways to switch off after a long work day?

Vic: For sure! I plug my phone in and don’t look at it again until the next day. I try to aim for about 10-12 hours of devise free time a day… usually from about 6pm-6am. By around 9pm I really start to relax… it takes a few hours to empty your mind of the day and you can’t do that the entire worlds information beaming into your eyes from 8 inches away!

Emma: Vic and I love this question. We are big believers in switching off. I’m N/A from 5-8 every night. I put my phone away and spend quality time with my children. For me it’s quality over quantity. They know I’m totally theirs for this time of day. I love a dip in the sea after a big day too.

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