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For us hungry babes, we dread the day we become pregnant because if we eat as much we do now, look out when we have to grow another human inside us... right!? Always feeling hungry is super common but what may surprise you, is there are actually many more ways to satisfy this problem than just eating more. It's important to listen to your body and figure out what's going on in there that is causing you to constantly be stuck in hungry, hungry hippo mode.


You eat an unbalanced breakfast

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A breakfast that is high in carbs and sugar and low in protein like an Acai Bowl will cause your blood sugar levels to plummet a few hours later leaving us craving sweet mid morning treats like chocolate, donuts and cronuts. What's that you say? How can this on trend, health 'scene-y' item be bad for me? Because they're a sugary carb bomb! Solution? Make sure you're getting a big hit of protein in your breakfast, ideally around 20g. Our Protein Blends have 21g per serve, and our Protein Drinks 17g combined with our delicious Protein Balls will help you get your recommended serving.

You spend too much time on Instagram & Pinterest

Think we're joking? Nope. Spend too much time on these platforms and leave yourself vulnerable to food porn. Even babes with the strongest willpower feel weak when they're scrolling through their foodie feeds.

You're diet is full of refined foods

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We talk about these nasties a lot, but not only are they bad for you they're also the reason you're not full & satisfied after eating them. Ever had a Maccas Cheeseburger and felt like you could eat 10 more? It's because there is nothing of value in there nutrient wise. Refined foods will spike your blood sugar, let it crash and leave you even hungrier than you were before.

You Have A Fast Metabolism

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Go you babe! Some of us are blessed with fast metabolisms and some of us work hard in the gym to increase them by building lean muscle. Either way, the faster your metabolism, the more food you need which explains why you laugh at the waiter every time he asks you if you want "entree size or main?"

You don't have enough protein in your diet

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Protein is great for filing that tummy, helping you feel full and satisfied and keeping those sugar cravings at bay. If you're vegetarian or stick to a predominantly plant based diet and aren't getting enough protein, it's probably the reason you're still feeling hungry after meals. Get yourself some protein packed snacks right here.

Babes and their hormones

Hormones right, who needs them! As if it isn't enough that they're the cause of mood swings and breakouts, if yours are out of whack it could also be the reason you're feeling hungry even after you just ate a big, healthy lunch. If you think your hormones are unbalanced it may be worth chatting to your doctor.

You're confusing hunger with boredom or stress

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We've all been here and deep down we're not confused, we just want to eat something delicious. Get a hobby babe.



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