What if we told you your body is lying to you? Well maybe not lying exactly, but you know us women, we say one thing but mean another and our bodies do it too.  Don't get too offended babe, you do it to your boyfriend all the time but you still love him, right?

We've endeavoured to decode those pesky cravings that go against your better judgement so you can satisfy them without surrendering to them!

Body Decoder: Chocolate cravings are in full force at this time of year but your body isn't telling you to eat it because it's a fan of the Easter Bunny. What she is really telling you is that she needs MAGNESIUM.
MAGNESIUM Benefits: Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in more than 300 of the bodies metabolic and enzymatic reactions. So in english, this means that this wonder mineral will help you feel better about a number of things including sleep, insulin regulation, relaxation and overall health.
What to eat instead:  Magnesium is a great supplement to add to your diet, we also include this baby in our Body Coconut Protein Blend so add it to a berry smoothie for a yummy and fresh solution! 

Body Decoder: We know you can see straight through this one. It's no coincidence that your healthy diet falls down a little on the weekend and you crave a McDonalds run on a Sunday. Craving oil and fatty foods is directly linked to your liver and after a night out with the girls and a bottle of wine (or 2!) your liver is hurting!
What to eat instead: Skip the fast food run and dine on a smashed avo and poached eggs at your fave local cafe. Snack on our Recover Peanut Butter Protein Balls & 3PM Almond Protein Balls to help put those cravings to bed and feel energised and enhance your mood.

Craving: SALT
Body Decoder: Don't let your body fool you, you're not addicted to salt! What you need are minerals and hydration! So drink up that H2O and fill your tummies with veggies full of minerals such as dark leafy greens like Kale and Broccoli or hit two birds with one stone and have a glass of milk to hydrate and get your calcium.
MINERALS & HYDRATION Benefits: We know you're all brainy babes and know that vitamins & minerals are essential for improving general health, optimal athletic performance, healthy bone growth and a lot more so we're not going to go into this too much.
What to eat instead: Fill up on veggies, as many colours as possible! Have a glass of milk and keep a bottle of water on hand 24/7! Our Skin Food Vanilla Protein Blend is filled with  Vitamins A, C & Zinc to help you 'sparkle' like the diamond you are!

Craving: SUGAR
Body Decoder: Are you annoyed with yourself for constantly craving sugar? Well we've Got an easy fix for that, PROTEIN. Yep, sugar cravings are most ravenous when we're not feeding our bodies enough protein.
PROTEIN Benefits: We know we bang on about this a bit but as you can see it's for good reason! Protein isn't just for gym junkies and body builders it will help you kick those sugar cravings, fill up for longer and stop reaching for the 3PM pick-me-up that is loaded with sweetness and nasties.
What to eat instead: We got this covered for you babe, grab those cravings by the balls.

Craving: CARBS
Body Decoder: We've got great news for you, you can kick your carb and sugar cravings in one hit because all those naughty, refined carbs you're drooling over is also because you don't have enough Health Lab in your life!
PROTEIN Benefits: To continue our banging on about the wonders of protein, think healthy glowing skin, increased ability to burn fat, improved athletic performance and post workout recovery.
What to eat instead: Balls, blends or both? We'll leave that one up to you!

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