With Easter right around the corner we took a little time out to chat to this inspiring babe, who caught our eye with her energy, attitude, style and spunk! 

Read Britt's top tips for enjoying a guilt-free, balanced easter.

1. If you indulge, don't beat yourself up over it. It's not the chocolate that will do you harm, it is the stress. If you know you will stress and worry, just have a chocolate protein ball instead!

2. Don't use Easter as a 'blow out'. Chocolate is so damn delicious but has no nutritional value, so just enjoy and don't over do it!

3. B.ACTIVE! Move your booty to compensate! Train hard!

4. Make guilt-free alternatives to avoid the post-Easter sulk! ;) Last year I had dark chocolate covered strawberries ready to go and chocolate protein balls! DELISH!

5. Remember life is short! Just relax, and cherish the time with friends and family! :)

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