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Yes, it makes us smile and some of us don't know how to function without it. The good news is, we don't need to! One or two cups a day can actually be good for us, but if you're downing upwards of 2 (which most Aussie women are) or you're a double shot kind of babe, then we recommend cutting back a little.

Now we're not saying this to be that naggy parent or friend who knows a little bit about everything but lets look at some of the side effects your caffeine addiction is causing before you decide if we're out of line.

Insomnia: Alright you might be thinking well, "thanks captain obvious" but not getting enough quality sleep is a serious problem! Not just for obvious reasons such as energy and concentration but increased body fat around the calves is a telltale sign of someone who isn't getting enough shut-eye.

Anxiety: The bad news; the stimulant effects that coffee has on the body can cause some people to feel overwhelmingly nervous and anxious. The good news; if this is how you're feeling at the end of a long work day it might not be your job that's causing it and could be easily fixed by dropping your coffee count! Not only that, but excess body fat on the tummy is a sign of stress that feeling anxious and nervous can cause.

Stomach Upset: Caffeine acts as an laxative which can cause some mighty uncomfortable stomach cramps. We'll leave it at that.

The Jitters: If you're experiencing muscle spasms or restlessness it could be because all the caffeine you're consuming stimulates your adrenaline hormone, sending your body into a bit of a spin!

Accelerated Heartbeat: If you love an Espresso Martini as much as we do, you've felt this after indulging in a couple too many after your Friday night drinks. Again, it is the caffeine stimulant that affects your central nervous system resulting in a faster heartbeat than normal.

Dehydration: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We all know how important this is for our skin and general well-being. 

Headaches: The combination of caffeine as a diuretic and stimulant pulsing through you can result in an overload for your brain receptors, so don't try and fix that 3pm headache with another cup, that's not what your body wants!

Sorry Kimmy K, this is no joke, and now that we've established how many of you can identify with the above side effects lets talk about cutting the caff! Trust us, we know this is no easy task, where is the helpline for quitting our 4th soy 3/4 latte?! But we have a few little tips that can ease you through the pain.

1. First of all, no more than 1 or 2 cups of single shot coffee per day. We know you can do it!

2. Relax on the sugar! It's no coincidence that you crave that tasty looking muffin on the counter at the same time as your coffee.

3. Hydrate your body before your cuppa, a warm glass of lemon water is a great way to achieve this.

4. Show your diet some attention, get enough protein and good fats to keep your blood sugar levels stable. An easy way to do this is to replace your coffee with a smoothie filled with one of our protein blends, avocado, chia seeds and nut butter.

5. Remember that insomnia thing? To get a better sleep try and consume your coffee/s before noon, we have plenty of other options for that arvo pick me up

6. Don't worry, we're not dropping this bomb on you right before winter without a warming alternative, herbal teas might just be your new best friend! OK... so maybe not your bestie, we understand for some this is like suggesting you kill your chocolate cravings with a stick of celery, but you can learn to love somethings, yeah?!

7. With that in mind may we may just remind you that we make some super tasty balls that taste more delicious, fill you up and give you that same energy buzz a coffee will without the insomnia, jitters and headaches. They also come in more than a couple of flavours, you're welcome!


That's the right attitude, B, bring it on! We know you babes can do it! 



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