How you start your morning can set the tone for your entire day. It can mean the difference between a super-productive work day, and a painfully sluggish one. For some, a few rounds of snoozing and a strong cup of coffee is the only way to go; for others, it's all about rising at dawn and hitting the gym before work. 

Discover one morning ritual each of these successful women have:

Janine Allis

She gets up at 5am and drives to an Ashtanga yoga clas

Karen Walker 

At least 15 minutes of yoga before she leaves the house each morning

Kayla Itstines

Up at 5 a.m, Kayla starts her day with a protein packed breakfast and cup of  berry tea

Julie Bishop

According to an interview Ms Bishop did with Fairfax, she works 20-hour days, gets four hours of sleep – but requests an hour of personal time each morning for exercise. 

Jecinta Campbell

Get's up early listening to music (Beyoncé, Tyga, Drake, Jay-Z . . .)  to get motivated to go to the gym, while she sips on green tea!

Lisa Wilkinson

Sets her alarm for 3am, followed by about 20 minutes of watching Sky News to get up to date with the overnight news and try and wake the heck up

Jessica Sepel

6:30 a.m. wake up to warm lemon water and a quite meditation session, then a quick workout and her one-a-day coffee

Megan Gale

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. 

Whitney Port

Hitting the gym for a spin class

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