Had a big weekend and lost all motivation to be healthy?
When you've lost all motivation to be healthy use these tips to get you back on your healthy track…

1. Go grocery shopping and stock up on the foods that make you feel good, energized and nourished. Remember to not go to the supermarket hungry, or you’ll end up the proud owner of isle 4. Online food and snack shopping is another great option, as you'll be less likely to sway on temptation and you can arrange to get things delivered to your work.
2. Lock in your workouts for the week ahead. It’s a great idea to make plans with friends, so it’s much harder to cancel on them as you are accountable to someone. Or getting your partner on board can also help with live-in motivation.
3. Start with lower intensity exercise and exercise you really enjoy, so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the idea of getting started again or setting your alarm for the next day.
4. Link your health and fitness goals to something emotional not physical. Instead of linking your motivation to a certain weight or dress size, link it to emotional goals such as having more energy, feeling more confident and finding more balance in your life .
5. Let go of deprivation and allow yourself to indulge in your cravings. Allow yourself to have some chocolate if that’s what you really want. Deprivation often leads to binging and the endless guilt cycle. Removing diets and strict rules will mean you are more likely to stay motivated and on track.

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