Marriage and business, are you babes sure? This is the type of business that can get pretty messy, but I know how head strong you babes can be. So here's some tips and tricks from the experts for all babes game enough to give love and business a go:
  • Have clearly defined roles in the business from the very beginning (e.g. You are the #girlboss)
  • I know you babes like to tell it how it is, but in this scenario it's extra important to emphasise the positives with your partner
  • Set clear boundaries between work and play; so work talk really ends at a certain time. And this means having time where you stop scrolling your instagram feed, switch off emails and give your partner 100% (non-work) focused attention
  • Maintain intimacy babes; its essential that you keep the love and romance alive, schedule in a date night or lunchtime session if that fits into your schedule
  • Go to bed at the same time babes (will help with the point above)
And just like babies, a business isn't a 'band-aid'. So if you relationship is rocky to begin with, for god's sake don't think a business together with fix it!

    Now here's to happy ever after babes, HL x x  

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