Things are no doubt pretty hectic at the Cotchin's home juggling career's and a new addition Harper to the clan. We spent 5 mins with them off the field to talk all things balls, babies and balance.

You both have very separate careers. How do you find what each of you individually do compliments each other? Do you ask each other for advice in your professions? Well to be honest I think no matter what we are up to its important we are supporting each other. The way we live our life is that whatever one of us is investing their time in, we both are. We feel as though that's a real strength in our relationship.

How did you two meet? Were there instant fireworks? Funny story, Brooke will suggest this isn't true... We went to the same school but we were both in relationships. I was new to the school and a mate of mine knew everyone, Brooke was rather shy and I always had a little something for her, when we were really first introduced I was standing about 4 steps down from her and I think when she looked at me I may have been invisible!! Haha.

You have a beautiful baby, Harper. How does she fit into your busy life? Prior to having a baby we couldn't wait to create our own little family, we also thought that our life suited having a baby. Well let me tell you nothing can quite prepare you for parenthood! But it is by far the greatest reward ever. Having healthy snacks easily accessible has in particular been very handy for Brooke, as she doesn't really get time to make her own food and sit down and eat it. I just love that the protein balls are very tasty and easy to take anywhere with you! 

How important is a healthy lifestyle and the food that matches that to you both? Super important, life is about health and living well. Sure there is always space for a treat or two but overall we try to eat good quality food as often as we can! I think remaining active has a big impact on quality of life, remaining stress free or at least reducing it. Brooke actually trained up until really late in her pregnancy which has helped with bouncing back too.

If you could create any flavour ball, what would it be? Definitely have to be an Oreo or cookies and cream flavour!! Choc raspberry for Brooke!

 HL xx

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