Brogan Kate had been in the fashion industry for over eleven years being a buyer, styler and all things fashion – and decided to start her own online intimate retail business. Brogan Kate wanted to make it easy for women to find beautiful, high quality intimate items all in the one place….

What does your regular day look like?

With our new addition "Otis" my day usually kick starts at 5:30-6am. Once he has fed and had a nappy change I grab a QUICK shower and I make sure I feed myself haha. I can never skip breaky. It's the fuel I need it to keep me going for the day.

Then the fun begins.

Depending on the little Mr, I am usually carrying him around with me whilst checking emails and filling the days online orders. Or he might have a little nap, so I then run around like a mad woman and squeeze in as much as I can. Throw some make up on, chuck my hair up, make the bed, clean the house ( I am a super clean freak so I actually cant sit and relax until the house is tidy!) This is a work out on its own. Its literally non stop from 5:30 onwards. He feeds every 3 hours (hungry little fella) so I literally squeeze in what ever I can throughout the day.

Was there anyone that inspired you to start your own business?

Having my own business was always in the plan for me. It took a while to get here and lots of hard work but I am stubborn and don't give up easily, which is the attitude you need when your in small business.

Best thing you’ve learnt in launching the business?

Take risks, it might seem scary at first but they usually pay off in the end.

Don't stress the small stuff!

What’s your number one tip for other mum’s out there balancing business and babies?

For me it has always been about Otis fitting in with my plans. I'm not one to sit at home because it's his nap time or feed time. Since day one he has always come on every little outing with me. I think this is why he is such a chilled little bub. He is so used to being on the go and just seems to fit in with my day. I'm not very good at sitting still, so for me its about making sure your baby does not run your life, rather fit in with it. Less stress for everyone! But in saying that, one shoe does not fit all, this is just my experience and advice.



Is the fashion industry as cut throat as it sounds?

Look, I think that it can be at times. Over the 12 years I have been involved in this industry I have certainly learnt the hard way that not everyone has the same heart and good intentions as you may have. I know where my loyalties lie and I have so much appreciation and respect for the people that have supported me and my business from day one, without them I would not exist. 

I have been in the situation a few times where I have gone above and beyond for "people" only to realise I was just a stepping stone to get them where they need. Certainly not how I roll, you have to remain loyal to those who help you build your dream.  

Any other hidden talents we should know about?

Ummmm, I sporty and have played basketball since I was 5 and succeeded with that pretty well over the years. I am really creative, I paint and draw, design a fair bit ( maybe something exciting in the pipeline for Brogankateintimates)

Whose on your wish list to model Brogan Kate Intimates? Honestly, I just love to see my customers sharing their BROGAN KATE INTIMATES pics. If I had to choose one person though I would probably say Rachael Finch. She seems really genuine and grounded. She's a busy mummy and the picture of health. The ideal roll model really! 

Words you live by.

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!


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HL x

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