Some are old, some are new, but if you want to reduce your sugar cravings, these tricks are for you!

1. Drink water: Boring but true babes. Often cravings are confused with dehydration. Try a full glass of water before reaching for any cookie jars!

2. Good fats and protein: Both are your friends when it comes to curbing sugar cravings. A diet rich in good fats and protein will help keep hunger levels at bay, reduce energy crashes and will keep your blood sugar levels stable.

3. Snacking: Snack regularly and avoid skipping meals to prevent cravings and gorging at your next meal! Afternoon tea looks a hell of a lot more attractive if you've skipped lunch and are living off 3 coffees. 

4. Don't deprive yourself: Life is to be enjoyed and as soon as you banish anything, you'll only want it more. Try indulging your sweet tooth in these healthy alternatives to refined sugar such as dates, dark chocolate, coconut flakes and snacks that contain natural sugars such as raw honey or coconut sugar. 

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