As many wise babes have said, “comparison is the thief of joy”! For any type of real happiness we urge you to stop comparing yourself to your friends, friends of friends, instagram feeds or celebrities. Whilst it’s great to be around people that lift you motivate and inspire you, you must always remember that your own journey is unique and comparison will do you no favours!


Whilst excuses may be our friend when it comes to our comfort zone, excuses really are our own worst enemy. They allow us to be held back by fear and imagined limitations, rather than force ourselves to push boundaries, challenge ourselves and really achieve amazing things.

Fads (mainly celebrity ones)

Fads of any kind never last, but now we also have to deal with fads from our heavily driven celebrity culture. Don’t get us wrong, we love nothing more than sitting down to an episode of Real Housewives or The Kardashian’s, but let’s just go lightly on some of their advice, diet regimes and extreme exercise fads…hello Gwyneth!

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