Most of us are guilty of this at some stage Babe! And it's the reason Health Lab was actually started in the first place and the infamous 3pm Almond Protein Ball.

Whilst we are running around trying to conquer our careers, manage relationships, family and friends, squeeze in gym sessions, motherhood and netflix, the list is endless - our lifestyles are jam packed and our standards of ourselves ridiculously high! And when it comes to our work environment, being constantly bombarded with deadlines, meetings, "urgent" emails and 24/7 accessibility it can feel overwhelming at times (I feel almost exhausted just writing about it all)...

So it can be a natural response that as emotional beings, we turn to food to manage feelings of stress and anxiety . But there's some simple tips that can help you make better decisions and ensure you don't end up feeling guilty, down or exhausted from binging on sugar, processed goodies and caffeine.

First and foremost...
The biggest trigger often comes down to our relationship with food: whether its diets, deprivation or using food as a reward. As soon as we deprive ourselves of something, we just want it more and it leads us to rebelling and an emotional eating rollercoaster. Instead work on having a balanced and mindful approach to eating and allow yourselves snacks that feel that little bit naughty, but are really nice!

I know I tend to bang on about it, but a diet with regular protein hits throughout the day really is every woman's best fried. It will help manage that dip in blood sugar levels and prevent that 'hangry' babe from coming out that just tends to go OTT with her next meal or the cookie jar. Just remember your body can only absorb a certain amount of protien at a time, so there's really no point going for one of those 45g hits...

Just ask a new Mama what happens when you don't get enough sleep...hello hormones, impacted decision making and your ability to manage stress. Where possible, try and get as close to the 8 hours as you can (sorry Mama's this one might not always work for you :).

This one really doesn't need an introduction, however you can fit it in - we are all better versions of ourselves when we exercise. We get flooded with the good hormones, are more energised, more productive and more adaptable to stress. All which helps you stay stronger when the afternoon cravings strike. And don't forget to have a balance of some restorative workouts in there too such as a walk, yoga or pilates - if you constantly mixing caffeine, stress and cardio together it can wreak havoc with your hormones and metabolism.

For goodness sake - stop skipping breakfast woman:
This is a very short rant that caffeine isn't a substantial breakfast babe. There are a trillion options that are available fast and if you're skipping this meal, I can guarantee you will be over compensating for the calories later in the day. 

Your 3 P's:
Preparation and priorities! Do some "adulting" on a Sunday and set your week up for success. Things always seem much more manageable when they are in lists and planned. When it comes to work, be clear on your top priorities for the week and make sure you aren't getting tangled in the less important but urgent tasks. Make sure you tackle the important and strategic things first thing in the day and learn to say no to meetings where possible. Plan your breakfast and snacks for the week, so you are armed and ready. 

We hope this helps and just remember you're human babe, so don't be too hard on yourself!







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