What happens when you put two sisters, a garden shed, a love of Beaches, a simple idea and a whole lot of hard work and creativity together? An incredible global business called the THE BEACH PEOPLE! 

We first met the inspiring sister-duo Emma and Victoria as guest speakers at this years RUN THE WORLD tour, sharing their beach to business empire story to hundreds of women. In 2013, from a garden shed as an office, the duo launched the first to market round beach towels, they dubbed the 'roundie' - which sold out in just one week! 4 years later, and they are wrapping beach babes all around the globe with their 'roundie's', have built a full team, expanded into multiple ranges and now have an office in California! We chatted all things business, beaches, mentorship and early mornings with Emma...

WHAT DOES A TYPICAL DAY LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? We are up early I have 3 children under 6. My husband and I try to convince them to stay in bed and snuggle us as long as we can, it doesn’t last long haha. Then breakfast, the school & kindy drop off, some work, perhaps a sneaky walk along the beach…

WHAT’S ONE THING YOU WISH YOU HAD KNOWN BEFORE STARTING THE BEACH PEOPLE? To trust your gut more. Relax and enjoy the ride, cos its going to be a wild one.

WHAT'S THE BEST AND WORST BITS OF BEING IN BIZ WITH YOUR SIS? Best bit is we know each other inside out. She is my best friend. There is not really a worst bit :)

WHAT'S BEEN THE ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR CAREER SO FAR? Simply seeing people all over the globe loving our products. We see every tag and post and it’s the best thing!

WHEN YOU'RE NOT BUSY AT WORK, WHERE, WITH WHOM AND WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? Beach, with my family and friends. A shady spot with water and fresh fruit we are set for the day! The simple things are the best things.



  1. Having a new to market product. 
  2. Having the most supportive hard working staff who feel like family. 
  3. Just good old fashion hard work.

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST PIECE OF ADVICE FOR BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS? Surround yourself with as many business mentors as possible. So many people have walked the path before us. Find a like-minded business guru and pick their brains about everything! 

WHOSE ONE BABE YOU’D LOVE TO WRAP ONE OF YOUR DELUXE BEACH RUGS AROUND? Beyonce! I’d love to see her wrapped in a roundie!!

A LOT OF YOUR PRODUCTS ARE NAMED AFTER INCREDIBLE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS, WHAT'S YOUR ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PLACE TO TRAVEL TO? We traveled to Montauk in the Hamptons a few years back and loved it! Great food, lovely people and beautiful beaches… we love Australia, it really is magic… satellite island is on our hit list next. 

YOU'VE RECENTLY EXPANDED INTO INDOOR PRODUCTS! WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOURSELF AND THE BEACH PEOPLE BABES? We have just launched linen bedding and linen tabletop it’s so beautiful! So many new products on the horizon. We are working on our next collection now so keep following for sneak peaks…


FAVOURITE BEACH: Dreamtime Beach, Fingal Heads 

EARLY RISER OR NIGHT OWL? Early riser (not by choice) 

HOW DO YOU SWITCH OFF FROM WORK? We turn our phones off at 5…and we generally don’t work weekends. Walks on the beach at the end of the day are golden too...

COFFEE ORDER: Almond Milk Chai 

HOW WOULD YOUR TEAM DESCRIBE YOU? Haha distracted!! Hopefully kind… I love our staff!!

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