It’s not always easy to live and breathe a balanced lifestyle – and frankly, it doesn’t always come naturally. Luckily, we’ve got your back babe… and so has Sarah’s Day! Who better to get tips from that the holistic health princess herself? We asked Sarah all about her healthy habits and lifestyle tips, and giiiiiirl, did she deliver! Get reading, babe!


  1. How would you define a balanced lifestyle?

A balanced lifestyle is one that is authentic, and true to you and your beliefs. It’s a way of life that makes you happy and whole.


  1. What was your honest health lightbulb moment?

When I realised: just eat real food Sezzy!


  1. If you could only choose one bit of health/lifestyle advice to live by, what would it be?

I hate to repeat myself but… JUST EAT REAL FOOD!


  1. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have five pieces of food, what would they be?

I mean… I could be super #tactical and answer this in a way that covers all of my macro and micronutrient needs, but if we’re just talking about fulfilling my cravings then: fruit & nut mix, bananas, roasted sweet potato, poached eggs and OF COURSE, my epic Cacao Salted Caramel protein balls #duh.


  1. ‘Gut Health’ has been a bit of a buzzword this year and we’re all so intrigued by one of the body’s most vital organs. As a health and wellness vlogger, how do you research these topics to ensure you’re always influencing the trends and not following them?

While I do a lot of my own research online and reference scholarly articles, I also converse with my naturopath and Chinese medicine practitioner fortnightly.


  1. The food industry is now flooded with the words like ‘organic’, ‘fair-trade’, ‘superfood’, ‘no-sugar’. How does this impact your purchasing power and what are the things you care most about?

I know right! This is something I know a lot of people find super confusing! I try to buy all of my fruits and vegetables at my organic local farmers market, and I ensure all of my meat is grass-fed and free range. My nuts are also always organic and activated. I honestly try and buy everything organic - or as much as I possibly can.


  1. We have days when we feel flat, unmotivated or like being a little bit unhealthy. Do you ever have these days? And do you have any tips for making sure we don’t stay in this headspace?

Of course I do! Sometimes these are my favourite days to film a YouTube video. Just to show girls that I’m just like them! I’ve learned that IT’S OKAY to have these days and to not make yourself feel guilty about it. I’ll usually give myself the afternoon off, snack on some healthy chocolate, binge watch some Disney movies, and start fresh tomorrow morning!


  1. What do you love so much about Health Lab’s honest snack range and what drew you to working with the team?

Just that… it’s HONEST!! I love that what you see is what you get! No hidden nasties or crazy ingredients that you can’t even read haha. I consider myself an extremely open book, raw and real. Health Lab are definitely the same, hence why we work so well together!


Thanks Sarah! We agree that together Health Lab and Sarah’s Day make an extremely dynamic duo!

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