Health Lab has collaborated with YouTube’s holistic health princess, Sarah’s Day, and together we believe we make the perfect pairing.  Dedicated to providing people of all ages, shapes and sizes with the inspiration, motivation and confidence to be the best version of themselves, we love that Sarah’s Day aligns so closely with our beliefs.  We had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah, learning all about her journey to success, her passions and aspirations.  Keep reading if you’d like to know what makes this sensational YouTuber, health guru and holistic princess tick.

What are three words your sisters would use to describe you? 
Bubbly, creative and optimistic.

In your Instagram bio, your title is ‘YouTube’s Holistic Health Princess’, when did your holistic health journey start? 
It started back in 2011 which was my first year out of high school. I suffered with quite severe hormonal acne and digestive issues and wanted to treat myself naturally through holistic practices.

Did you have a clear vision for your channel, Sarah’s Day, prior to starting? Not necessarily. I mean, I knew I wanted the soul of my channel to be based around holistic practices, natural remedies and fitness, but I never imagined it would grow into the brand that it is today!

With a dedicated YouTube channel and flowing Instagram account, do you ever manage to completely ‘switch off’? 
This is something I used to find rather difficult, but I feel like I’m getting better and better at this every day. Essentially, I want to be doing this for the rest of my life so I can’t realistically be online and present 100% of the time. I know that’s how I’ll burn out. I try and manage it like any other job and have ‘lunch hours’ and ‘weekends’ (even though I usually find myself vlogging my entire weekend off haha).

You authentically champion body confidence and genuinely encourage your #squad to be the best version of them. What made you so passionate about spreading this message? 
I suppose I just reached a point where I was so exhausted from scrutinising my own body and comparing myself to others. I found a photo of myself in a bikini and I couldn’t believe how toned my body looked, my abs were noticeably sharp and I looked extremely fit. However, I remember feeling so embarrassed and ashamed of my body the day that photo was taken. This recollection truly changed my life as I came to the conclusion that perfection doesn’t exist. From that day forward I focused on being the best version of myself, loving my body and practising positive affirmation when it came to my physical appearance. 

Social media is very curated these days, and we often only see the ‘glamour side’. Why is it so important to you that you share all aspects of your day / life?  
I genuinely see my subscribers and Instagram audience as my friends. I can honestly say I don’t ‘actively’ try and integrate the ‘non-glamorous’ side of my life onto my channel… it just happens organically. I don’t sugar-coat or hide anything. I really just treat my audience like my sisters and let me tell you… that’s pretty close and personal!

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt so far? 
Lanes are for people who drive cars. I ride a unicorn and need no lane. I don’t feel the need to replicate anyone, follow a trend or create content that is not authentic to me and my channel. I only engage in projects I am truly passionate about!

What is your greatest source of motivation? 
Looking back on what I have achieved so far and creating content that, as a viewer, I would love to see.

What has been your pinch yourself moment so far? 
Seeing the turn-out at my very first event in Sydney when I launched my eBook, ‘Sweat it to Shred it’.

When do you feel the most inspired? 
When I’ve given myself at least two days off all content creation and I’m in the mood to cook. That is literally the recipe for epic content creation in my books!

What advice would you give to your younger self? Act confident and no one will question you Sezzy!

Well said, Sezzy! We think you’re such #bossbabe!

This chat is just the first of many as we grow closer to our newest partner in protein ball crime! Stay tuned to get the latest goss on Sarah’s health, lifestyle and body confidence tips. 

To discover more of Sarah's Day, we recommend her Instagram and incredible YouTube channel.

Guest Blog by Abigail Jones.

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