Ahhhh cravings. Those pesky little things that come out of nowhere right when you’ve been nailing the whole healthy eating thing, and who have a million different causes from hormones to stress levels. 

We’ve researched the ins and outs of cravings and what your body is trying to tell you HERE with our craving decoder, but what about when it’s not physical?

We’re not the guys who try to tell a hangry, choc craving, and hormonal babe that abstinence is key. We know that sometimes you need real solutions (RIGHT NOW), not to pretend that cravings don’t exist!

Nope, we’re not about to give you permission to chow down on a block of Cadbury Oreo, but we do have a few suggestions for what will ACTUALLY fix that craving.


Image: Production Paradise

Dark Chocolate - Yes you CAN eat dark chocolate in moderation, however not all dark chocolate comes created equally. We recommend dark chocolate with 85% cocoa, but always be sure that there aren’t too many sugars hidden in there. For a great easy pick: Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Extra Dark.


Image: Trial and Eater

Apple with peanut butter – an old faithful! Not chocolate I hear you say? Well, instead of traditional peanut butter, why not give a cacao spread a go! The sweetness of the fruit and cacao goodness will hit your cravings on the head. Our favourite: Mayvers Cacao Super Spread (loaded with cacao, chia seeds, sesame and almond).


Image: My Fussy Eater

Chocolate Goji Berries – Goji berries are a superfood that can provide you with vitamins A & C and also reduce your risk of cancer (yep, google it), however another little known fact is that they also taste great covered in chocolate! Another plus is that they’re super rich, so a couple of them will totally satisfy your cravings! Check our your supermarket’s health food aisle for a packet.

Image: Health Lab 

Energise Choc Protein Balls - (warning! Plug alert!) but obviously we were going to include them, we literally MADE these babies to crush chocolate cravings! Packed with dates and cacao, you’ll also be getting a handy little protein hit while you kick those cravings to the curb!

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