1. Skipping Out On Breakfast

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Breakfast can seem like the perfect time to save some calories because we're often in such a hurry that we don't notice we're even hungry. HOWEVER skipping breakfast is not only detrimental to your metabolism it also is the main reason we overeat at lunch or make bad mid-morning snack decisions. So stop being a lazy babe, get out of bed 5 minutes earlier and buzz a protein smoothie in the blender to sustain yourself and to prevent yourself from stuffing your face at lunch.

2. Eating While Distracted

Do you eat your meals in front of your computer or phone catching up on emails? By concentrating on something other than what you're putting your body your distracting your brain from sending the signals that you're full. Use meal times as a break to relax and enjoy your food and save the emails for later.

3. Not Portioning Out Your Meals

If you're eating a chicken quinoa salad with loads of veggies portion control isn't so important. If we're talking cheat meal and you've ordered a pizza it is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Sure you take two pieces with the intention of exercising some self-control but then we're like "maybe just one more" and then BAM! Empty box... When indulging in your favourite take out, serve yourself an appropriate amount and then put the rest straight in the fridge.

4. Confusing Dehydration For Hunger

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This is no myth, sometimes hunger pains don't require a burger and chips, they're just asking for some water so always try that solution first.

5. Eating What Your Partner Eats

One for me, one for you! Unfortunately us babes weren't made to burn through our food quite as well as our male counterparts so instead of evenly portioning out the dinner you cooked for your partner it might be best to take inspiration from the 3 little bears and get yourself a papa bowl, a mama bowl and a baby bowl, either for your kid or you know, seconds... Jokes, portion control remember!

6. Oversized Plates & Bowls

Are your plates and bowls as oversized as your handbag? Sure, we know they look good but we also know, just like a handbag, we feel like we have to fill them up. And while it's no big deal to make our bag heavier, well you know where we're going with this. Keep your stylish oversized bowls for entertaining and get yourself some smaller ones for your day-to-day meals.

7. Succumbing To The Guilt

Did you know by letting yourself feel guilty about the occasional indulgence we're psychologically more likely to eat more of it? On the other hand if you just accept that a little indulgence is OK and what a balanced life is all about we're more likely to stop at 2 squares of chocolate instead of letting guilt drive us to polish off the whole block. 

8. Never Snacking

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This one doesn't so much apply to our Health Lab babes because you all know that not all snacks are created equal and the good ones (cough cough our protein balls SHOP) actually help us to keep cravings at bay and boost our energy & metabolism. 

9. Going Food Crazy After A Workout

So you just smashed it out in the gym and you think it's totally fine to eat enough food for 3 people because you're ravishingly hungry and your body needs to be replenished? Well that depends what you're eating, after a workout we like to have a protein smoothie followed by a lean protein cooked in coconut oil like chicken, sweet potato and lots of veggies which makes a large meal A OK. On the other hand if you think your workout earned you 3 bowls of pasta and some ice-cream, a you're doing is undoing all your hard work!

10. Eating With Your Emotions

This is a big one for us babes, we likes to combat stress with donuts and mend a broken heart with chocolate. The key thing to remember though, is when has that actually made you feel any better? If you're feeling stressed, down or just emotional look for other outlets to make yourself feel better like a walk in the fresh air, yoga, or a pumping playlist and the gym. Also we find new shoes works well.

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