Do you struggle to get into healthy habits when you're working 9-5 (at a minimum) from Monday - Friday every week? Keeping up the motivation to stay healthy whether you're a boss babe taking on the corporate world or just starting out in your first full-time role is hard, so we've put together all the best tips you need to know and stick to if you're gonna make it through!

Eat A Wholesome Breaky

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How you start your day is super important and if you get to work and you’re already feeling hungry and sluggish from skipping breakfast you’ll have a less than productive day and are more likely to snack on naughty things.

 Talk To Your Office Manager About Healthy Snacks

Do you work in one of those offices that are always abundant in sugary snacks? Talk to your office manager about providing some healthy, nourishing alternatives like our protein balls. Get in touch with to enquire about our office friendly options! Or just bring your own and shop them right here.

 Make Your Own Lunch

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Meal prep at the beginning of the week is the BEST habit to get into if you want to make sure you stick to the healthy straight and narrow. If you can't get on top of that, go to the supermarket at lunch and make a healthy salad in the office. Sure there are some healthy fast food options around, but if you have to walk past your favourite burger joint to get there, how good is your self-control everyday?

 Go On A Soft Drink Ban

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Soft drinks are genuinely some of the worst stuff you can put in your body, even if it’s “diet”. Blanket rule, just STAY AWAY!

 Drink Plenty Of H2O


Hydrate yourself with water, it will keep away some of those hunger cravings & keep your skin looking fine.

 Find Ways To Get Moving

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If your office has stairs, take them and skip the lift. If you normally drive down the street to get lunch, start walking. Whenever you go to the toilet, do 10 squats in the cubicle or bathroom before you go back to your desk. There are plenty of little things like this you can do that will add up by the end of the week!

 Switch You Chair For An Exercise Balls

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Improve your posture and strengthen your core by sitting on a exercise ball instead of your chair.

 Schedule In a 10 Min Meditation Session

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At Health Lab we love taking time out every morning to clear our heads and relax with some meditation and soothing sounds. Give it a try and we’ll promise you’ll feel surprised by how much more rejuvenated and focused you are when you go back to your desk.

 Be Active Outside of Work

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Go to the gym, join a group work out class, go for a walk with friends, do a yoga class in your lunch break. Whatever it is make sure it’s something that you’ll enjoy so that you do it regularly. If you’re sitting at a desk all day from Monday – Friday you should be aiming to work out 5 times a week, 3 at an absolute minimum.

 Get Enough Good Quality Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is obviously super important for your energy. If you’re not bouncing out of bed in the morning, you’re less likely to get up early and go to the gym before work, and more likely slump on the couch at 7pm and order takeaway instead of cooking a delicious healthy meal.

 Create An Inspirational Vision Board In Your Workspace

You would be surprised the power of the vision board! Not only will this brighten up your workspace and look great, it will help you to strengthen your mind, will power and work harder to achieve your goals!

 Cut Down On Coffee

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No matter how sexy and attractive the idea of another coffee may seem, it is not some miracle liquid! It might make you concentrate better and give you a spike in energy but they’re not great for you and if you’re pushing more than 2 a day it could be a real problem babe.

 Take A Break

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DON’T feel guilty about taking a break and going on a holiday, you don't get given holiday leave because the government is about the fun... You need it and you deserve it to revive and recharge, so go and browse some Insta-famous travel-savvy bloggers and get some inspo for your next getaway. It will also give you something to look forward to and motivate you to stay in shape and get on top of all of your work.

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