Lets be honest, we all wish we could buy some reasonably priced item that was going to give us the body we desire (see above) with as little effort in the gym as possible while we still remained a regular customer at our local pizza place. The unfortunate truth is, if it were that easy, Australia wouldn't have almost 2 in 3 adults or 63% (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) recorded as being overweight. 

We know you babes are well aware of the importance of healthy eating and exercise but we thought it might be fun to remember all the times we've wanted to believe at some stage or another  that fads were the answer to our problems...


Toning Shoes

Have you ever seen these shoes that promise to tone your legs while you shop? OMG doesn't that just sound like every babe's dream? *eye roll* Not only do we think that these babies a load of BS, we’re yet to see a pair that look cooler than your Grandma’s super comfy old lady shoes.


Infomercials Beware: Things that vibrate, wiggle and jiggle.

Ever got home from a night out and sat down in front of the TV to eat your McDonalds…(wait - we mean super healthy, natural and delicious Health Lab protein balls) and all that was on was the infomercials? Well babe, BEWARE! Some fancy belt contraption that vibrates to give you abs in 8 minutes probably sounds like a great idea when you’re a few glasses of bubbly deep... but we’re thinking if they actually worked our whole population would be walking around looking like Tash Oakley… So save your pennies and perhaps invest in an actual gym membership.


Weight Loss Pills

Pop a pill, look like the model on the ad who just “can’t believe it actually worked!?!!” Don't get scammed by being a lazy babe!


Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes have been known to work, yes. However, the success is normally short lived for the simple fact that humans enjoy food and eating and this kind of lifestyle isn’t realistic to maintain long-term. If some hot babe wants to take you out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, are you going to whip out your strawberry shake while he feasts on sashimi and sushi? We sure hope not.


Cutting down your food intake because you’re too lazy to exercise

So, you’ve had this gym membership for a while now but the only reason you wear your active wear is to go grab a coffee and by now you've decided that exercise just isn't for you. Solution! I just won’t eat much. This is a bad idea for 2.2million reasons, but most importantly your body needs food and nutrients to function. If you’re not eating enough you’re going to end up with a whole host of deficiencies that could cause serious problems. Not only that, you will pretty much send your metabolism to sleep…


You buy fancy kitchen things that are going to inspire you to eat healthy

Spring time arrives and you decide right, I’m gonna get in shape and eat healthy. So you head to Kmart and buy a spectacular looking juicer that makes 10mLs of juice out of 10 pieces of fruit, a wacky grill of some sort which drains all the fat from your steak, and an air fryer because well chips that are healthy? Sign us up! And then after a couple of days of spending your whole life in the kitchen figuring out how to use and clean these things, you chuck them in the cupboard to collect dust and take up space. Want our advice? Got some pots, pans and a blender? You’ve got all you need, so no more excuses!


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