Feeling down about the fact you've got no boyfriend to hang out with this weekend babe? Well, stress about it less, we've got 10 of the ultimate indulgences to help you enjoy life that won't piss you off, nag you for hanging out with your babes too much or snore.

1. Chocolate fondant for babes that like it ooze all over the place. link.


2. If you like it HOT! link


3. Ain't never a reason not to enjoy a choccy donut. link

4. How about a bowl of choc frosting for babes feeling particularly in need of SOS chocolate... link

5. Pancakes are a universally accepted breakfast food, therefore so is chocolate. link

6. Instant chocolate mousse for babes who don't like to work for it. link.

7. Why waste time on a regular brownies if you can stuff them with Nutella & Ferrero Rocher? link. 

8. For babes who like their choc with a side of salty nuts... link. 

9. Chocolate covered cookie dough for lazy babes who still wanna flavour bang. link.

10. For babes who like a chocolate fix to come with 0 guilt, get yourself some BS free balls. shop.

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