You know that thing we sometimes say, what is it again? Oh yeh, 100% natural is always better? Well as if we haven't given you enough reasons to stay away from artificial nasties, we've got a public service announcement that is sure to keep you away from diet soda forever... Artificial sweeteners could be making you hungrier! 

So while you may think that these 'diet' sweet treats are helping you slim down while satisfying your sugar cravings, your increased appetite says otherwise. This shocking revelation has been brought to us by a comprehensive new study co-authored by a research team from Sydney University who found that animals who were fed a diet high in the artificial sweetener, sucralose, began eating a lot more. You can see their media release here. We knew guilt-free sugar was too good to be true...

Lucky for you sweet toothed babes, we've got your back! Our balls are free from added sugars, especially artificial sweeteners and they still crunch your sugar cravings like candy. Talk about a guilt-free solution to keep your summer body aspirations on track!

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