It's exciting to get behind our Olympians and at Health Lab we can't wait to see Brooke Stratton fly through the air as she competes for Australia in Rio. So often we talk about the importance of setting goals and visualising the success we dream of. Our girl, Brooke, is a perfect example how a positive mindset and a lot of hard work can get you to your dream destination! Her fave Health Lab ball flavours are Coconut, Lemon and Chocolate, read on to see what else helps her fly!

HL: Congratulations on making the Rio Olympic team Brooke, tell us what made you choose long jump as your event? 

Thank you! Ever since I started little athletics as a 5 year old, I have always loved long jump! As a child, I did every event at little athletics but always looked forward to the program that had long jump. I not only love how cool it looks to fly through the air, but I love the feeling of getting everything right and nailing a jump. Training for long jump is really enjoyable as it is incorporates technical jumping sessions, running, gym and Plyometrics (HL: a form of exercise designed to increase strength). I am always striving for small improvements in training & the variation keeps it fun.  


What’s running through your mind when you’re staring down the track into the pit?

To be honest, a lot of the time I try not to think about what I'm doing at the top of the run way & just let it happen. With long jump being such a technical event in track and field, sometimes overthinking and over analyzing can switch your focus to what you're doing wrong rather than what you are doing right. Positive reinforcement and confidence at my starting mark at the top of the run way is the key to big jumps!  


You took a pretty big leap into the record books earlier this year, has this changed your mind set at all going into the games?

It has 100%! Never would I have thought I'd be capable of jumping over 7m- well definitely not this early on in my career. The 2016 Australian domestic season well exceeded my expectations. Before the season came around I sat down and wrote down some goals for 2016. One goal of mine was to jump a distance of 6.80m which I thought was a reasonable distance. To have jumped 7.05m, it has given me an extreme amount of confidence and proves to me I could be right up there in Rio if all goes to plan. 


How is it having your Dad as your coach? What 3 words would he use to describe you?

I have loved every minute of having my dad as my coach. He understands me as a person and and athlete more than anyone else and knows exactly what training works for me. He pushes me, but at the same time holds me back at times to ensure I am in the sport for the long term and not over doing it. I am extremely lucky to be sharing this amazing journey with my dad by my side. Three words I feel he would use to describe me would be: 





If you’re feeling stressed, what do you do to relax and clear your mind?

Generally I will go for a walk to clear my mind when I am stressed. However, on competition day I don't want to be on my feet too much so I will spend my spare time relaxing on the couch watching tv or listening to music. 


Your athletics takes you all over the world, what is your favourite city?

My favourite city so far would have to be Barcelona, Spain. I had my World Juniors in Barcelona in 2012 & was lucky enough to have got the chance to look around the city. There is so many amazing things to see and do in Barcelona! 


Do you have a song that pumps you up before a competition?

My music playlist changes all the time, but I love the song I believe by Yolanda Adams. Very positive and uplifting! 


Any exciting plans for once the games are over?

After the games finish, I have a holiday to cancun booked for 5 nights with my boyfriend & then we will be meeting up with my family in LA for another 5 nights. I'm sure by then I'll be looking forward to a relaxing break. 

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