1. Protein products will make you gain weight

    Worried that protein shakes and snacks will make you put on weight? You can relax babe, the opposite is much more likely! Protein is proven to help control hunger levels, keep the metabolism revved up, increase fat burning and satiate cravings. Protein supplements are proven to help with successful and sustainable weight management, and help create toned, lean muscles. Always follow the serving guidelines to ensure you’re taking the right amount.

    2. You’ll get ripped like a bodybuilder

    The biggest fear of women new to protein is that they’ll build up too much muscle, resulting in a‘masculine-esk’physique. These common fears are completely unfounded, as women do not produce anywhere near enough testosterone to create huge muscles just by using protein and working out alone. A body builder frame can only be achieved through an intense, targeted training programme.

    3. You only need protein if you’re working out intensely

    Protein supplements aren’t just for hard core athletes and health enthusiasts – every babe can benefit from protein. Protein snacks and smoothies are ideal between meals, keeping you productive and your blood sugar levels stable, so you are less likely to binge on your next meal. Try popping a protein ball after workout to help your muscles recover, increase lean muscle mass and burn fat. What’s more, protein contains antioxidants to help combat exercise-induced stress on the body, reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) and increases serotonin – your happy hormone.

    4. Protein products taste horrible

    Clearly these babes haven’t tasted our protein balls or new protein blends! These days, protein has really advanced ensuring you can enjoy a delicious and often decadent tasting smoothies with high protein content. Not a smoothie fan? Try using a protein powder in pancake or muffin recipe.

    5. Protein hit at dinner

    Many babes believe if they get protein in one of their main meals - they have had their intake for the day! For best results, its really important to spread your protein intake across the day over 3-6 meals, rather than relying on one large protein meal each day.

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