Not only is she super talented on the yoga mat, this woman is the woman behind the Tully Lou sports luxe active wear brand that combines rebellious workout gear with stylish streetwear! Her label is designed to inspire and motivate women, with her rad philosophy 'when you look good you feel good'! Discover more about this talented Yogipreneur...

What were you doing before you started your label?

I was teaching Bikram yoga and working as a junior fashion assistant at another label.

Your label is all about inspiring and empowering women, whose been a big influence on your journey?

My mum. She is an amazing woman – we have defiantly had our ups and downs. Mum has taught me all the important things in life; she influences me in so many ways and has taught me so many life lessons.

What has been the hardest thing about starting your own business?

Saying NO and taking on too much – In the beginning I found it very difficult to say NO, I felt if I said no I would let people down. I also found it hard (and still do) to delegate jobs. I now focus on my strengths in the business and delegate the rest to others, which frees up my schedule and makes it fun again.


What difference does yoga make to your life?

It makes me feel happier, calm and stress free. I make better life decisions when I practice yoga regular and am more present and mindful and have a better outlook on life.

You’re obviously very passionate about a healthy lifestyle, what’s your personal approach to alcohol?

As I have gotten older and more evolved with Health + Wellness I take a more loving and enjoyable approach. When I do drink alcohol I enjoy it. If it’s a beautiful organic Australian red wine on a winters night with loved ones or a mojito in the sun on a Sunday with girlfriends.

I am not against alcohol at all I think we all have to live and enjoy ourselves every now and then and not deprive yourself. I just think some people mask their emotions + feelings with alcohol and that’s not the right approach.

 If you aren’t on the yoga mat, where would we find you?

  • I love boxing @ with Ruan from FITEPT
  • F45 Port Melbourne

Who would you love to have on a yoga mat in one of your classes?

So hard! I might pick three?

  1. Richard Branson – Pick his brains!
  2. Chrissy Tiegan – She is hilarious and such a babe!
  3. ED Sheeran – Obsessed + he could sing in savasana.

Where in the world would you love to spread the Tully Lou magic?

Anywhere and Everywhere! As long as I am inspiring woman + spreading the message. I don’t care where it may be.

What three things help you be the best version of you?

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle; eating whole foods etc, moving + Sweating,
  2. Being with friends and loved ones.
  3. Meditation and Mild fullness.



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